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Clutter is a major major problem in our lives bigger than you probably even realize today on the show lean show this is part two of the declutter project walking to join show julian has near does best selling author celebrity fitness trainer obsessed with helping you lift your dream life after part one i went to my snapchat family and i said hey guys leave me a voicemail and let me know how clutter has an impact on your life how does that make you feel does a slow you down are you able to ignore egg can you go about your day or does it have an effect on you here's what you said as isis sexist he'll staring hey politicias because i rushed vice admiral gifts hey the forest anxiety i feel worthless i feel like i can accomplish anything i just get the hedy cheapness houses very cluttered but it's behind doors a closet door my office closet my kitchen cabinets all behind closed doors but it's still cluttered on a path to address it it makes me feel anxious an anxiety which leads me to want to call my anxiety down by steffi my face with food right now my office is full of clutter is basically a storage room temporarily and i do not even want to go in there to sit at my computer to start working online business i mean there's just i avoid that rome at all calls and only the one and go in a room to declutter so yes it makes me stressful to cinema couch in the declutter wrong of stressed out about the clutter grow okay those last two must.

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