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Week I they? Anthony read a story from American history to me. Amigo Gareth Reynolds. Who has no idea what the topic is going to be about We are bilingual. Podcast as we are done in Spanish They'll yeah not by people who are bilingual. Say they're very much enjoying. Yeah the Spanish friends take on it. He's finished speaking friends. It's strange because you called it. A bilingual podcast for a while before that was in motion. So you well. If you I'm a people don't know this but I'm a huge. I mean my whole life is based around the book. The secret is in and I feel like I just put stuff out there and I put about their. It'll happen. Isn't that right my nemesis. I'm not your number stop saying that one. I just complimented you call your nemesis. Well it's you you you you bring people in and then you stab him. What who? Who raised you you bring people close? She's ZANU cut their goddamn through. The only guy who for sure should be quarantined for a long time. And then you watch them bleed out on the floor while you laugh you're maniacal maniacal laugh in your cat drinks the blood. What is your deal because you are evil incarnate? Talking about me and called. The vote is Jim. I'm the fucking guy named Gary and this is not gonNA come to tickly. Clock part could hit him with the puppy SIP arguments. They've got Camby. My friend Fan Gareth. The.

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