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Five point, nine FM WBZ. AccuWeather forecast it'll be cloudy Tonight warm and muggy with a shower and thunderstorm the low. Seventy, four, tomorrow we'll, have, more, clouds, than sun warm and. Humid with a shower or. Thunderstorm in the area the high eighty six it's eighty six right now at O'Hare and at the lakefront. Mostly cloudy skies WBZ news. Time eight twenty Our top story this hour Democrats are blasting the Trump administration for withholding. More than one hundred. Thousand pages of records about supreme court. Nominee Brad Kavanagh his hearings get, underway, in the Senate, this week WBZ news time eight twenty a, traffic accident near navy pier yesterday sent a car onto, the sidewalk where it struck pedestrians a passenger vehicle struck a taxicab and the six hundred block of Illinois to Cam, rolled up onto the sidewalk hitting eight people in a cab driver. Was also hurt but he was not one of. The eight collected by ambulances and carried on destroyed your northwestern memorial and Illinois masonic the. Cabbie apparently checked himself into a hospital later. In the. Day some. Terrorists, have used. Vehicles to hurt and kill Chicago PD went out of its way to say this was not that this was unintentional all of the injured are in good condition Jan Coleman NewsRadio one oh five point, nine FM police, had to restore order yesterday before, the funeral mass in little village. For six of the ten children who died, in last weekend. Sleepover fire Bishop Alberto Rojo's preached a message of peace harmony and compassion but the mood beforehand was ugly twenty minutes. Before, the mass. Began a pipe broke out inside of Our Lady Of the church it spilled onto cirmac road in a crowd chased them half a block down Whipple street before, police could eight or bean and restore order. Mourners exchange gang signs. A TV cameramen was harassed and other photographers across. The street from the church were told by a man and a gang hat to stop. Shooting photos and video Bob Roberts NewsRadio at. One point. Nine out. That, major traffic. Problems are expected late tomorrow morning when protesters will try to shut down the Kennedy expressway at Cumberland on Chicago's north side the Reverend Gregory Livingston who organized a shutdown of lakeshore drive last month plans, to lead the, March they're calling for action to, lessen Chicago's street violence improve economic. Development and they want mayor Emanuel to resign WBZ news time eight twenty, two we'll take, a look at business next only one Bob come into Bob room and, oakbrook on. Ogden avenue in Westmount for a great Bob room deal on a brand. New twenty Toyota RAV four.

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