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Mr what's going on at the shots though where it's the wind is just overtaking them this nature which i guess i associate nature with which is the wind is overtaking jessica harper's face so much that she can barely get through lines it looks like via her hair's all interface it's in her mouth and then the camera cuts to basically severing their heads and then looking at their heads above the white sky yet i love that island image almost and it's just so strange i just like the picture are gento setting up these shots like okay i'm going to severe guises heads right here and i'm going to pan through you to the reflection and just being like what are you too can well it's interesting because i mean typically feels like an film language any time you're doing an upshot like that you're you're showing someone who has a sense of power or overwhelming the other character hey i like the citizen kane shot yeah yeah or any time that like i don't know you're getting to like the haunted house it's always like you're looking at it from low in its looming an ominous bigger than life and bigger than the other people in the scene 'cause it's supposed to be threatening and it's interesting to me that like logic is threatening in the scene who wrecks on your bloom there's going to be like twenty leg film sculler people who are like actually that's not would those roads me lem scher the art man that's your interpretation of the average agent i will then i'll i'll add my like nonsense interpretation i think what i like the best about the goblins goram specifically light that don don don don don don't on which i've not doing any justice to right now is that.

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