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In Glenview. What else do you know that's been selling really well through hot text? So, um, I haven't had a chance to see it, but I'm hearing really good things about it. Yeah. What else? What else is on there right now that people can go and experience So we have Botanic Garden, a musical and that's at the park at Maple and 15th. It's being put on by, um 16th Street Theater. Um which, um, is it's um The it's 15 29 South Harlem, and this is a show that threatened by Lindsay John to the beloved Chicago, a sound designer, and Todd Logan, the playwright. It's a musical, also starring Carmen Roman and James Lemming, who are both, um you know, beloved Chicago actors, so that is really And I should say it's in Berwyn. Um, if if folks don't know that they're trying to look up that Harlem address in Chicago and then and then the streaming production we have is is Goodman theaters. I hate it here. Which is that's been on for a little while. That's I culture and William Brown came together to produce pests. And, um, it's all about, um, 2020 and, um, everything that happens. I I noticed that you have theater. Rosen Zanni listed. Yeah, as well. I'm going to go see that this coming Friday or Saturday. I can't remember which, but this is going to be my first time. You know, back with a live audience, uh, seeing anything but this This is I mean, it's it's not what you would call traditional kind of theatrical experience at all right? No, it's not. It's um You know, it's certified description. In many ways, I mean, it's so where they are is they're actually and it's the Cambria Hotel that they have their own floor there, and they've set up what they call a Spiegel tent, which is a very specific kind of it's really a Turkish chant, and the audience is inside the circumstance and the Show is an incredible mixture of circus and music and dance and, um, comedy and theatre. It's It's really amazing, and the space is just gorgeous. I mean it is and it's dinner for yourself. It's while you while you have dinner, so Yep. Yep, Which is also and, um, you know, I have been, although before the pandemic and the food is great. Yeah, It's uh, the show is running. I don't have the end date on it, but I know that the arteries it's an open ended one. They don't have an end date open ended run performance is just began the other day. And are being performed Wednesdays through Sundays. And you can get tickets. Uh huh. On the hot tix explained the whole hot Take situation. Where? Where do you go? How does it work? Explain. Explain.

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