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I wanna back. I'm Jason with that's Marcellus Wiley marks Larry is back doing this. Now, St. was legend, James Harrison, y'all know Marcella says dad do now he's going to show us the best place guys from around football. It's time for that. Dude's dudes Marcellus what you've got this of the desk couldn't block. This is just wanted to tell note. About the bigger. These that news number three we go into high school, y'all hunt school, Princeton, New Jersey. What's this office alignment cayden Wallace who it is nitny ohare? Oh, the Penn State recruit look at that more clear. Young more. Boy, I as I aid van. You're not running track. You're playing football. This looks like a run stance. Oh, oh, you got stood up in this moment. You can't be straight up because guess what you're going to happen. You're gonna go straight down federal telling them what's up. You believe back to the tune of ten yards through my man for a first down. Now look at him right there in that track. Stands getting pushed and pushed now he's thinking about it. Okay. I should get up. Wait a minute. Wait a minute back. But you know, what I could day is spirit him right there. Of Phil depot. Tell me what's up. Anybody else? Kate Wallace Lima Loman your third that dude of the week. Now, let's go to the collegiate level number two. Rutgers defense alignment tin. Prevalant say good night. Like you could see him get to sack right now to tackles one sec Rucker still lost north western eighteen fifty. Let's see. This went down first things first inside half position. Oh, you got them right there. So now if you look at him he's going to go with the inside hand. Oh, he got that L. We'll Mark you know, what happens You know, when you get we know. get done elbow. He actually repositioned the arm. That's what coaches always teaches. Don't just leave it up an air getting on him. Now, you've got him leaning. It's Tana hit him with the Cape. It's time to hit him with ole looking at leverage. You got on. All you gotta do a stroll. Oh, yea thrown to the way he wants to go. And now get the sack on quarterback number two willington prevalant are dude of the week. But let's go to the pro level number one Buchan nears defense van call Nassib, the wolf of Wall Street, y'all member does do right. Given stock tips to all his teammates back in the days. We'll guess what? He's out there. Now giving tips to everybody. I see you call first thing. He does is he gets his revenge to Saxon. Baker Mayfield system down. Desmond Harrison got set down in that position. Now, you're gonna hit it with the collegiate move damn the Armagh was silky swim. And that is the most important part of this move now only Turney hips, but clean, which are to make sure that he can't come back and drive you pass a quarterback and look at this right here. This log ride look. Look at this jam right here. Three guys on the log ride. Yeah. Baby. Baker eight happy. He wanna I gotta go down and get wet in this situation. But hey, great technique called Nassib your debt dude of the week off that good look like that video game centipede, right? Three. All right..

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