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Taliban claimed on monday to have conquered the last major opposition to its takeover of afghanistan while democrats who are up in arms about texas abortion law might want to go back and reread brett kavanagh's opinion in trans using versus ramirez earlier. This year hello. I'm bill mcgurn with the wall street journal. We're joined today by my colleagues wall street journal columnist kim strassel and editorial writer alicia finley cam. Let's start with you Joe biden is now taking a beating in the polls. According to abc's poll expert only two presidents in the last few decades have had a lower approval rating at this point in their terms. Donald trump at thirty seven percent in two thousand seventeen and gerald ford at thirty seven percent in march nineteen seventy five. How much do you think this is due to The handling of afghanistan. Yeah well if you dig into that. Poll bill. A lot of it is and in particularly if you look for instance and this is the abc washington post poll. He's having right now as it about a thirty to sixty in terms of americans approval have his afghanistan handling Forty four percent say that withdrawal as actually made us less safe from terrorism only eight percent think we are now more sake as a result of it so if you look at those numbers thirty to sixty i mean that is one in three Think he has done a good job of this. But it's notable it. That's not the only place where you have seen his approval rating. Go down It's down ten points from june in terms of his handling of the virus Now about fifty. Two percent of americans think he's doing a good job forty one percent. No it's also down in his Terms of his handling of the economy Fifty two to forty one in april versus forty five to forty nine now and the thing that should be very concerning to the white house. Is that the people who are losing faith in him. Republican disapproval of joe biden as you might expect has remained largely unchanged. They didn't like him when he got into government that that hasn't really shifted but he has seen a fourteen point plunge among independence and also his support among democrats don from ninety four percent to eighty six percent and yeah a whole lot of that has really been focused on his handling of afghanistan. At least this is kind of extraordinary too. Because i would suspect that most americans myself not included in this most americans. I think generally agreed with the idea that we should get out of afghanistan so If the disapproval is this high it's disapproval over the execution of a policy that they largely agree with..

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