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The weather center this time we're looking at mid western conditions justin as we travel around the mid west light rain and a few thunderstorms in the west today those will favor kind of the northern parts of the western midwest throughout the afternoon strong winds for most areas to increased episodes scattered showers and thunderstorms for tuesday through thursday eastern mid west mostly dry today on the allied shower in the north west tuesday light to moderate showers and thunderstorms for wednesday northern plains moderate showers favoring southern and western areas today tonight and tuesday morning and the southern plains strong winds today in tuesday few showers and thunderstorms as we head through the day on the tuesday and certainly into wednesday from nebraska to that's what's happening around the middle west i'm justin roberts on the big show eleven forty six now on the big show clock doug what's going on the text line well we got some interesting ones coming in john chacao to stockport said hopefully finished corn today but do need a drink of water down here and he thanks his for all the information just finished beans wait until after the rain to plant corn that's i think bob from south of dexter planted oats saturday field a corn sunday north of mason city oh yeah just getting started in wright county one tenth of one percent of the corn in the crown pretty wet yet dave nelson and here we go head my dad plant corn he had crooked rows i asked what was he looking at he told me you get more corn in a row i don't ever use that argument there you go keith if you're out there turn that automatic steering off until you're boosting your son's yield i used windy july i was blown around on a twentyfive thorough fifteen thousand pound tractor yeah or corn in a crooked row hey we'll talk cambe use but later on your show thank joins most important.

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