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45 powered by Red River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red Steve dresner, pretty good football game going on right now. I say we're two for two in great games today, Dan. We're in halftime in Dallas, giants leading the cowboys 13 to 7 saquon Barclay with the Giants touchdown was a one yard touchdown run says for saquon, 8 for 29 with a touchdown. He is the first giant to score an offensive touchdown on Thanksgiving Day. I don't even think Dan knows this one. Going back to Dale Burnett, who's Dale Burnett, we gotta go back 84 years ago today when it was done. But again, halftime from Dale, as giants over at the cowboys 13 to 7. And a thriller, this afternoon, in Detroit, the bills come up with a field goal with two seconds left in regulation to stop the lines 20 to 25 bills remain on top of the EFC east city in three coming up just after 8 o'clock tonight the nightcap. It will be 6 and four New England taking on 8 and two Minnesota, high school football action from earlier today, annual D.C. turkey bowl Roosevelt picking up their second straight title with a 26 18 victory over Dunbar. Local women's college basketball action, American beaten by number 7 Notre-Dame 90 to 65 over on the men's side. Number one North Carolina got passed Portland 89 to 81 in overtime number three Kansas held off Wisconsin 69 to 68 and 8th ranked duke handled Oregon state 54 to 51. Steve dresner, WTO sports. The top stories were following for you here on WTO P a shooting outside the turkey bowl, high school football game in northeast D.C. today, police say a

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