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We just went maybe we feel a little more tired we feel a little more at the effect of the activities of living on a daily basis and we think oh it's it's just my age my ages catching up with me how many times have you heard people say that sometimes it's not that and it is willing more the impact of not being particularly wellnourished and we find ourselves spending so much time doing for others and running around in getting things done and multitasking and this is a complicated world we live in and we are called to do more and more and more with less and less quite often um so that sometimes we just catch a meal here and there now grab something on the way too chirchir schooler wherever it is that we happen to be on the way to and the adjust may not be that the diet that we're eating is the absolute diet we could possibly come up with for ourselves and if that's the case supplement make sense and if energy is your issue there certainly are some things that help and these things the coenzyme q ten is the derived those and the nicotinamide riboside they are three tools that i have come two depend on when dealing with people issues of fatigue and just feeling like they can't quite muster the energy so they're you know they're widely available the coq 10 a hundred milligrams a day is probably a great does you know that if you are taking cholesterollowering medication that is in the family of statins that coenzyme q ten depletion is one of the impacts that those medication have and that can translate to fatigue so a 100 milligrams of coq you can fifty milligrams of the nicotinamide riboside and then why boasts five milligrams in divided doses three times a day and again those little packets are easy you just pop them in your purse keep them with you and akihiko and it does make a big difference one of the conference's that i was that over.

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