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You got four. Brings the tide Chevrolet of that car. They're also get four tires Jackman on pit road. Richard petty. He's got the Pontiac. The problem on the Mike dinner car is dead battery and the replacing the battery which is located up underneath rare. A high driver. Off the left rear prior to get. Kemba committee sports card, so Mike Skinner having a battery of my. Still waiting for Bill. Elliott come on pit row. They're posting him as leader. He hasn't made his pitstop yet and Ricky Rudd car was in there twice Jim Phillips any indication as to why. Occasion. All Barney, Ricky Rudd just gave into tires on his automobile and sit on his way also Chattan Jimmy Henry on this pit road. Jetboat ion is yet to make his stop also and everything evens out as far as the cars that are on the lead lap go down to make the regular stop. It looks like it will move pity. Right back up to the front of the pack. Now Bill Elliott has gift to pit does pitch strategy change here in nineteen Ninety-one because of track position Bill. Thank it's changed in the last year quite a being from the standpoint of how many capable race cars. How many good teams are all right now. And everybody's got together for the on pit road race track. Or whatever most everybody has got their act together. Very well. Thoughts of Bill Elliott who now does come in for service in front of dick Brooks four on Unocal gasoline. They've done any goes away. Everybody here's pitted. Except for Jeff Bodine. They've not brought him yet. There's dreadful trying to keep him up him going where they want him to run as long as I have tried to bigger up. If they have any extra. They can do it in less stop or something by waiting with the are now getting not going ready to bring him in what they say about this thing just short beard at time in the last three or four years it's gone from Ford having to pit considerably earlier than GM products. Because. Molly changing some the last go around performance guys today are all port. So they're out last than Chevrolet now with with fuel. Molly just Tipote on just now that a bit Japan is the final group of cars in the lead lap to make his pitstop. They go to work on that machine change the right side tires. These are all green flag stops, and they are scheduled pitstops no schedule once here. Everybody was due to come onto pit road. And Jeff would I will be the last car to make a stop. So as we said now that all the front runners have been in the pits. Kyle pity goes right back to the front of the pack. They're posting Harry Gant as the number two position back in third. Looks like Allen quickey than Kenny Schrader and rusty Wallace. Now, let's set the situation on the race track. From the leader Kyle petty back to second place. Harry, Gant is seven and six tenths seconds. Meanwhile, Mark Martin is just directly ahead of the race leader Kyle petty as he was before the pitstops of moments ago. So kyle. In a position to put Mark. Martin a lap down here at the North Carolina Motor Speedway. All the pitstops are now complete in both the front pits and the back pits and all runners have been able to go in and change at least two tires and dump in a tank of Unocal seventy six gasoline and get back out there and set the race for a while. While the field is a little bit strong out. It'll give us a chance to talk with Bill Osbourne. Vice president of marketing marketing for union Seventy-six products in the mid west. I'm sure you hear yesterday for the Unocal seventy six pit crew challenge Bill. There was quite a day. Very exciting out of Cape. Believe how close the competition wise. It really was that particular thing that you guys do here has been a great recognition for the pit crews. We talked with a lot of guys yesterday down there..

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