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In two thousand one with one hundred twelve million Americans expected on the roads and skies. How many families have to experience the agony in grief of losing a loved one before? Or all agree that enough is enough Stapley told me the most impaired driving is on Saint Patrick's Day and the night before thanksgiving. But he said even one accident that could have been totally prevented is one too many now, eight minutes after seven o'clock. Reynolds in the Providence Journal takes us to the frozen north of the city on the move in Woonsocket where he says detectives blew up a fortified entrance door with a small explosive yesterday morning at the outset of raid that yielded fennel packaged marijuana almost thirty five thousand dollars in cash in the arrested for people the door at two five high street, the home of two young men and their parents had actually been braced by a four inch by four inch post. That's what the chief of police said there at about six AM the police departments vice squad they forced their entry to the dwelling with assistance from the state fire Marshall's office. So the rate let the arrest of some people they're three people and police surveillance and information from cooperating witnesses. They said indicated that both parents were in the house during narcotics purchases that were conducted as part of the police operation, according to a statement filed by a police detective so two brothers and parents are charged after this drug went raid in one socket. So the foxy lady is close. Yup. It's not just closed temporarily. Apparently, the providence licensing board had heard enough and with a three to one vote. They have shut the doors over at the foxy lady for keeps. Now, the owners are contemplating whether or not they're going to appeal this thing as our poll question for today do agree with the providence licensing boards decision to close the foxy lady permanently. When I gotta here yesterday when I was leaving yesterday. I really thought that they were just gonna you know, maybe slap on the wrist and close it for awhile. Nothing's been opens what thirty eight years now. So do you agree with the providence licensing boards decision to close? The foxy lady for good you can log onto NewsRadio r I dot com. And if you wanna leave a comment you can head on over to the the Facebook page for the program yesterday's results. Judge Emmet Sullivan told former national security adviser Michael Flynn at sentencing, which was kicked out of the can was kicked down the road on that, by the way. But the judge said arguably you sold your country out. Do you agree with that assessment by the judge forty-one percent of? You said, yes. While fifty nine percent of you said, no, it's seven ten NewsRadio nine twenty.

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