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Cornerman dr jeff spencer without further ado welcome to noble way. Jeff thank you so much for being here. well thanks. I love the noble warriors side of it. You know all of us has got a warrior inside but we have to fight. The noble fights couldn't be a better choice of words so i wanna talk about wisdom. That's something that i'm deeply appreciative. Noble warrior a huge part of. It is all about really helping people. Go through the journey from warrior to commander to kim every video that i see you speak on the bicycle riding somebody throwing some random numbers or random questions you always. So are you able to speak in triplets. This this and this in all of them without much other than Than verbal tics. How do you do that. I'm so curious. I think it's all about channel. It's showing up in a really listening to the question and being able to share your response without running through a filter. I think also after time when you've examined your life and you've had a chance to look at things from multiple perspectives clarification is one of the refinement byproducts of that that allows one to say more in fewer higher impact words. So when you say channeling if you don't mind diving deeply into that john lean from what whereas this from whereas inspiration wisdom coming from the within the without s- like can you say lebron more about that. yeah. I think it's combination of all the above. All of us come into this. World is a unique addition of one. There's only one of us creation. Nobody has our perspective. Nobody is born with our assets which gives us an amazing opportunity to Of the sanction and also put our unique stamp.

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