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Are zach zakho coco is the kind of it seems pretty high bobby theo i created the black panther quite i'm the founding chairman the national organizers of black breath party we are we standing right now we're in oakland california the black panthers so this transition from the militia to the individual my right to bear arms you could argue that that whole individual gun rights movement started in the 1960s with the black panthers in oakland it's an unlikely an kinda surprising origin for what's known as the individual rights interpretation of the second amendment we were devoured breed here i mean we so well rid guys we do our hit we know our history just give some context as 1966 it's been an exceptionally bad time for race relations all over the country what a fifteen people were illustrate quotas tres are being beaten at citizens attack dogs and hoses and in particular through the brain khalifa negroes robert getting his major tension between the black community and the police officer is most troubled lie animosity between police and negroes is open california late '60s there were several highprofile incidents of officer shooting unarmed black man this is what was happening you know what we did is that yet we took a position october 1966 body seal and his friend hugh ep newton they start this organization called the black panthers black panther party for self defense now qe bobbies cofounder huey was two years in laws you is going to the university of san francisco school of law and one day he sitting there as as you do a law school thinking about the law thinking about malcolm x thinking about what he can do in oakland and it hits them via second amendment of the constitution guarantees the citizens are right to bear arms on public property that they could argue that the second amendment gave them a right to have a gun he's said best luck constitutional democratic civil human right and no one has ever said that before well there's always been those who claim that the second amendment protected an individual right to bear arms but adam winkler says people who argued that were in the minority they went taken too seriously this is one of the first time that the individual rights reading was forced into the mainstream because the this.

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