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Along with DJ Jazzy Jeff spinning tunes at the Monster Energy 90s Block Party. free Plus food samples, micro brews and wine tasting, Budweiser beverage gardens, celebrity chefs, contest exhibits and more. Easy to get to by Metro. Visit BBQDC .com. That's BBQDC .com for details. This is WTOP News. 1153 fresh off his not guilty plea on 37 federal charges against him. Former President Trump has been telling supporters tonight in New Jersey he had every right to keep records at Florida his home Mar -a -Lago. Mr. Trump is accused of mishandling classified documents and obstructing the federal investigation followed. that He told a crowd at his Bedminster New Jersey club tonight that the indictment is politically motivated. Threatening me with 400 years in prison for possessing my own presidential papers. Which just about every other president has done is one of the most outrageous and vicious legal theories ever put forward in an American court of law. His remarks were part of his first fundraising event of his 2024 presidential campaign and experts say those documents he's referring to are not his personal property that once you're no longer president, those have to go back. They belong to the US government. They do not belong to any particular president. The former president has been ordered by the judge meantime not to speak to any potential witnesses about federal this case. I think it's normal given what we've seen in this case, given who the former president is and that there had have been previous accusations of him entering into a conspiracy with others to justice that there could be other witnesses that we don't know about. That is CBS News legal contributor Jessica Levinson this evening. Sports at 25 and 55 powered by Maximus moving people and technology forward. 1155 as we've crowned a new Stanley Cup champion Rob. Yeah that's the right Vegas Golden Knights who oddly enough actually look good in crowns went from losing a five -game Stanley Cup final series to the Capitals to winning the Cup in five games with a record nine goals in the series clinching win over Florida behind former caps George McPhee up in the front office and coach Bruce Cassidy who told TNT of winning a championship in his first year in Vegas. Yeah listen it's a great story very very grateful to get another opportunity to it great group of guys thankful to George and Bill and Kelly for bringing me on board I'm just here to do my job and it worked out well so I tell you it's an unbelievable feeling look at this 20 ,000 people in here, never forget it. No you won't Mark Stone became the third player in NHL history to have a hat trick cup in a clinching win and as expected Jonathan Marchesaw the Khan Smythe trophy winner. Mystics The took an 87 -66 beating in Indiana at NZ two -in -one road trip in disappointing fashion. Aliyah Boston led the fever to a huge advantage in rebounding and points in the paint that coach Eric Tebow said. First time I felt like we haven't brought the necessary effort from a physical standpoint defensively at least not consistently I each think player probably had flashes where they brought it we didn't bring it all five all game. The Nationals first game in Houston since their World Series victory went sideways they gave a four home runs in a 6 -1 loss to the Astros credited to Patrick Corbin incidentally the winning pitcher in the title clinching win four years ago. Rob Woodfork, WUTOP sports. Rob coming up here with CBS News at midnight the former president Donald Trump indicted on dozens of federal charges but that was from days ago that we learned that he was arraigned today in federal court pleading not guilty we'll tell you all about it coming up I waited too long for what anniversary gift and now I really need to figure it out it's easy Dominion jewelers I thought they only had custom jewelry they are amazing at custom and have a gorgeous selection of bracelets necklaces earrings and other jewelry that they've already made in the showroom the best part is you can bring home the perfect gift today handcrafted custom -made jewelry Dominion jewelers in the heart of Falls Church we make it beautiful you make yours it by appointment only attention WSSC water

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