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The butcher did unless he had such men on them the male and she said she knew of three people were to try to tell you. She didn't tell me. It's on the hotline though right now at the midnight. Tony, you know, that's an interesting situation that Michael brings up as somebody sure won't staying out of wrestling badly. And after the butcher gets sent in a gift wrapped box, you know? Someone's got to have a lot of money to pay the freight. That's just by the pound. And to be able to get up to a little butcher to come here to world championship, I think he does not come cheap. No, he doesn't. He doesn't even wrestle here at regular. No, he doesn't. So I mean, that's his interesting situation. And what's your other question, Michael? And you know it was like participating about a royal at all. We sure do. We can tell him, as a matter of fact, my colleague Tony schiavone is hot off the wire, has it right in his hand right now, Michael. Okay, Michael, Z man will be in the tournament, Thomas rich of the York foundation, beautiful Bobby, both young pistols, eyes will be at it, pee in news at jimma talked about before. Sergeant buddy Lee Parker will not be writing tickets, but he'll be in it, stunning Steve Austin, the natural Dustin Rhodes, Terrence Taylor, big Josh Barry Windham, the one man gang at el higante. 4000 310 pounds in all will be in that one. I should be quite a situation. Thanks, Michael for calling us from sunrise, Florida. Back to the telephones. We were rocking now, Danny, is in Jonesboro, hi, Danny. Yeah. You got a question for Tony schiavone? Yes, yes. Okay. Let's have it. I want to know why I went to the WWF. That's a good question. Put him on the hot seat. Why did you go to WWF Tony? Well, I was, I was working forward jump Crockett promotions at the time and the WCW people offered me something and I had a chance to talk with Vince McMahon and I said, ah, the heck with these people. I'm going to go north, and I did. It was like a business decision, Danny, you know? How old are you, Danny? 11. Okay, you got a long time before you have to make a business decision, but it was one of those decisions that I thought I had to make. And I don't regret it. It was a year where I learned a lot. What else did he on your mind? I don't want to know Jim, what do you think's going to win the

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