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Was just it gives you a chance to win every single time you out there wind drew hoffer was in few last week reiter fan and you know i think understandably east a word about the defense and it should be it should be is it a champion should be fitted with two television yesterday all credit maybe they're building toward that but until they do something in the playoffs you have questions about their defense and bureau like i just said no said him it's understandable he's i got a woman quarterback having to go out there and win every game a released to have that option but what is it when you're with the team at you've been with teams and travel with them when you're quarterback is special it's a belief if if hey if we if we play well when wade if we get behind we got our guy in a weight it is fourth quarters tie game we got our guy like or if you were the reiter defense and you're still trying to figure things tell you it added to this guy was your leg over me if we just do our job and just give them the ball back we'll be okay and if if you as the defense if you understand that vets all you have to do then you feel there's a certain freedom to that and so i do think that that is something that the raiders can build on but in and again two out of the we're in a different anybody else we make a drastic pronouncements good and bad about individuals in teams eight creams are done have with one week of football i'll say this and it's because we're big fans of him nudges of the football player but as a man marschall lynchpin able to eat up clock it takes some of that pressure off a derrick car is definitely going to pay dividends down the road well and you saw it a little bit with the cowboys last night too i did is therefore to give italy in the the pretty passing world of the nfl the ability to dominate the line of scrimmage nabil see them to run in a physically impose your will that takes good too great in terms of teams and so carolina manhandled the 900 line but the raiders were able to run on the titans when they wanted to a needed to.

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