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Of it. Yes and today. The relationship between the olympics in the fashion industry is well established especially here in the us. Where the quintessential american fashion designer ralph. Lauren has been the official outfitter of the olympic and paralympic teams and rough on produces their opening and closing parade looks and has been doing so since two thousand eight then of course we also have the competition where which has been driving. The technological innovations made by major sports brands like nike and adidas and they kind of battle it out every two years decide. Who's going to get the team and athletic sponsorship but we exactly were these types of relationships between fashion and the olympics solidified and perhaps even more importantly what role has dressed played in the history of the olympic games. And why does it matter. We are on a mission today to find out yes and we are bringing you a multi part series where we'll be looking at the significance of clothing worn by olympic athletes throughout history. We'll be highlighting the social and cultural significance address to arguably in arguably actually the most celebrated athletic competition in the entire world and obviously this is a huge topic with so many interesting angles especially when you consider all of the different countries who have participated today athletes in the winter and summer olympics. Come from over two hundred countries and compete and over four hundred events but based on available resources and time we will largely be focusing on the us olympic team because there is simply no way to cover it all which is not something april that the original olympians of ancient greece knew much about anyways. But more on that in abate yes because dress or lack of dress has been a central and potent feature of the games since its inception in. This is Imbued with a myriad of meanings as diverse as the tens of thousands of olympic athletes who participated in the games since its inception and as we know and we talk about on addressed all the time. That's why we're here. We know that the clothes body is a site ripe for identity formation and in the case of olympic athletes. What they wear on the field holds meaning not just for the individual who wears them but also the nation who they wear these clothes and uniforms four as one olympic official remarked of athletes at the nineteen thirty two olympics quote when they go abroad as the olympic team they are taking part in a great and solemn international event there in uniform representing their country just as much as are the officers and men of the army and navy when they are abroad and quote and arguably. I guess we could say this kind of still holds true today. Oh absolutely so dressed listeners. With the world watching what does olympic clothing say without having to say a word dress detective hats on april or perhaps in keeping with the olympic spirit. Let's put on our honorary all live. Wreath crowns because we are heading back to seven. Seventy six to the site of one of the first recorded olympic games in history and the irony perhaps being dressed listeners that an episode dedicated to the importance of clothing these original olympic athletes or none. Yes and we're gonna get into that here in a second. But i prefer the mythical origin stories of the olympics of which there are several including the myth that hair cleese center the mighty god. Zeus created the athletic festival to honor his father. But beyond ancient laura the first olympics recorded in the historic archive were held in seventeen seventy six bc e when a cook by the name of corrobos became the first olympic champion after running and winning a foot race but it was actually likely cast that the games were held long before this first event was ever recorded and written down so the games were named after the side of their location this sacred city of olympia and in many ways we can say that these games are similar today. I mean after all they were in athletic competition that was held every four years and it was intended as display of strength and honor and pride. It was held in front of tens of thousands of cheering spectators and the games included many sports familiar to us today. Such as running jumping javelin and discus throwing wrestling and even boxing but in other ways they were completely different for one. They only included. Greek athletes to women were prohibited from participating in the events and married. Women were even barred from attending three. Athletes could quite literally fight to the death. And oh right what we're referring to earlier all of these athletes doing these athletic feats they were naked. I'm a tad confused about what this logistically means. But i'm not mad at it. Yeah and today. The summer and winter olympics are broadcast every two years to billions of excited viewers around the world but obviously for a recount of the games from ancient grecian times we must rely on the evocative storytelling of historians. Like tony perez. Who have worked. Tirelessly to resurrect these experiences for us from history and tony has this wonderful book. The naked olympics the true story of the ancient games and he really brings to life the games of one hundred fifty b. c. What she calls the woodstock of antiquity so and he brings it to life and really vivid details close as the first rays of dawn stadium. There would have been at least forty. Thousand spectators crowded jostling cheek-by-jowl on the ruffin turf. These were the die hard. Sports fans of the ancient greek world. The majority of the spectators were male. Married women were forbidden to its end. Although unmarried women and girls were allowed in the stands but whether male or female young or old richard for every. I was impatiently fixed on the street running track. Those putty-colored play that have been covered by gleaming white sand and excited. Murmur filled the stadium when the blast trumpets. The athletes began term urged from a tunnel hill into the western side. They appeared one by one parading. He cocks entirely unclothed and unadorned yet dripping from head to toe and perfumed oils that float in rivulets from their curled black hair. Competing nude was a time. Honored tradition of ancient greek athletes as much a part of hellenic culture as drinking wine discussing homer or worshiping apollo only barbarians were ashamed to display their bodies related to initiation rites the practices also symbolically stripped away social rank and extraordinary gesture towards a democrat exporting ideal and the status obsessed ancient world in quote although as tony points out this democracy only extended to greek free barn males so women and slaves people's and non greeks.

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