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Question is this. There are tube survey ship in the literature regarding how drugs work, which the way I see the contradict each other the one is that people that take drugs the drugs work on the nucleus occupants in a way that every time they take them the drug the brain considers that Inova stimulus. So every time it's like the first time, and that makes the reward driven learning associated with drunks much stronger compared to other natural rewards. That's on the one hand on the other hand, we also know that it's really difficult for drug users to go back to that very first high the experienced the first time they used the drug. So how do this to go together? So eventually, the nucleus accumbens. So mean. Obviously, the nucleus accumbens is. So the nucleus comes very small structure in the brain, which is located in the ventral straighten. And it is quite important. Component of what we consider our measles Killingbeck reward system. What system? So basically. There are a lot of drugs on the brain tend to work on what we term like a reward system. Nucleus accumbens seems to be an area of this reward system, which most drugs do have an effect on and people take drugs because they enjoy taking drugs. I think that's an important point to mention that. It's not surprising that drugs are associated with the reward pathway because that's why people take them at least initially yet. I think what you kind of talked about that in terms of novelty of turkeys, and the first instance, kind of signaling something that would make you want to take again or like, so I think this phase into Juneau the incentive since as Asian yet yet. Well, I should say. Okay. Right. So basically why? Just playing it. I think is happening as the this novelty thing would come into the term wanting. Where there's parts in the in the nucleus comes with particular important for salience orienteering, so things in the environment becoming while salient to you and one thing that might become saving to be a reward, however, salience and reward in this example, at the independent of one of the sort of liking. Which can be mediated by other areas of the reward system as well as other euro chemicals as well. So a drug can sensitize your brain to want to take a drug very very quickly. Whilst you still the pleasure that you get from taking it reduces overtime. So they're not really they don't really correlate the amount that you a drug is perceived as being something that you want necessarily correlate with the pleasure that you get from taking it. The idea is the change in the brain for you to orientates wards, a drug reward or whatever can also independently of a real life cognitive evaluation of what you want today, which would be like more prefrontal cortex kind of thinking about it on this is kind of almost like an implicit kind of thing. So yeah, I think then kind of changes can happen very very quickly and can last. Longtime as well. Even after you and stop taking. So. Anywhere near what you after. And I think. It's also important point out that the vast majority of people who use drugs weren't develop a disordered pattern of use most people who use drugs use drugs, not to at sort of addiction level. So that's also can impact on how quickly tolerance builds up. How how severe withdrawal symptoms are? And how likely this is to keep this kind of? I mean, I'm not a brain area expert, which is why I got Karl along why I'm making him on through the difficult questions. But as to my understanding, it's why the kind of brain firing could remain rewarding the people who aren't you don't develop his problematic is. Yes it. Well, I think not sin of a really important distinction to make is the problem is extra keys and kind of compulsive is actually a very very small proportion of the population of even of drug users as well. So not all drug users will go on to become pro. Uses. There's only I think it's like say of something like this which might go on to kind of have more compulsive drug..

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