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For final segment, your host Eric, and this is the cat club podcast We are on this week, you have west Taylor joining us for the show. Drummer for the Band Antioch Drummer for Lindsay Jordan Her band audio engineer at Rambling House. owner. Of Space, canoe records both the recording studio and it is turning now kind of into your little indie label. So to speak wrecked. Yes. Yeah. Very. Nice. Very. Just, hoping up friends is that I really like their music you know. Well you know it always helps to work with people you like. and and production is something I. Know I have trouble with Jeff Straw is from double dose is producing my album. and. I realize some people just need. That sort of direction and they need someone to tell you that it's done or that it needs something else and so. Sure. I just try to be that sometimes. Not only is is. A. Double. Double, Sussman can't, sleep. So he's he's always. He's always got his fingers in in like a million different pies. Musically what a guy to. A Nice Guy. Nice Guy. Realized Guy I've I've met almost say the majority ninety nine percent plus of the musicians and bands and whatnot artists that I've met here in flawless fantastic people very few have that. I called the Rockstar Syndrome. Already are type of thing. But debt now everybody's just fantastic around here They're down to earth theory mid Western. Mid Western yeah. Columbus special it really is. It's it's. It's it really is a hidden gem. Musically speaking I truly believe that and you know. Looking at from from somebody who's he's literally an outsider I wasn't born and raised here But having having lived here now for a sixteen and a half years. You know it. It's it's an overlooked musically speaking it's overlooked by a lot of the rest of the country. They're missing. Good there's a lot of people that come out of Columbus, but it the scene itself is something that does seem kind of look. Oh Yeah. Yeah the see here is it's it's different. It's a little different It's a lot different than when anti was playing. Around two thousand sixteen doesn't seventeen I remember we couldn't find a place, a home or any any banner very similar to us if we started now we'll be able to find some people but. Missing Like when Antioch started. That was still there is still quite a few bands that were trying to you know. Chase that that twenty one pilots while fame and and sound and whatnot thinking that that that was going to get them signed and everything, and you know May I've always been a do your own thing If. It's good music. The people are GONNA pick up on it and you're going to you know you're gonNA generate that that buzz with the with your music along just doing your own thing. So and that's one thing you've always done west. Try To. Think. Syria Antioch in you know now drumming and playing guitar and singing whatnot with woodwinds Jordan while plus you've got this little kind of A. Guilty Pleasure Project shall we say? Cold the. have been exposed your your Lo fi eighties rock band. Tell me a little bit about that before we play this last song of the show. So. I'm a big eighty s music fan I feel like. I'm the biggest Bryan Adams Fan in the world gay and that's somebody who I feel that gets overlooked a lot as a musician as a songwriter especially all these Canadian. These Canadian and the Some people are yeah. I. Don't know you just never. As a kid growing up in two thousand. No one ever brought them up. Sure he was big in the eighties and the nineties, but I'd never saw it's A. Few hits I mean you went platinum most was records and and. So. This is just a guilty pleasure. I like his stuff and allocate music in general so. It's just another outlet. Yeah. Won't fit on a country record so I'll just put it out under someone else's name. It's it's it's funny that you bring up Ryan Adams. It seems like a lot of people in America just don't have an affinity for Canadian rock bands take nickelback example But that's the story for another time. Anyway, this song is you didn't call my name did you buy the city and you're listening to it on the cat.

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