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This app. Download the Tom leykis app. Now three thousand. Tom leykis show. Time to talk insurance. Costlo insurance. C O S T L O. You know, Jeremy Rubin and his family have owned and operated costlo since nineteen sixty five that's fifty years, and they're all about getting you the right protection at the best price. And you know, I'm not just saying that it's been my own personal experience. I've got three cars and a home insured with costlo could be more thrilled. And let me tell you about their fantastic customer service. Like when that nut cut me off and ripped the bumper off my tesla within minutes, I had Jeremy himself on the phone. He took care of everything, and he couldn't have made it easier. Now, you just don't get that kind of personal touch with some huge insurance company. And plenty of listeners have called tell us how happy they are that they've made this to you know, there's a reason costlo's been in business for fifty. Fifty years. Give them a call or a free, no obligation quote at eight one eight seven zero seven seventy seven eleven or visit costloinsurance dot com and see how much you can say property auto commercial, health or life insurance. It's eight one eight seven seven seventy seven eleven or visit costloinsurance dot com today. Costlo. C O S T L.

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