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Formally the Buffalo Sabres philanthropist with a new book that just came out built not born a self made billionaires no nonsense guide for entrepreneurs I had a chance to speak with Tom earlier this week at length fascinating great book it's an easy read it's not one of these books that you're going to read and you know one five minutes you're you're I brought your eyes are gonna start drooping very conversational a very interesting book light brighten tight just exactly the way I like it had a great conversation and those of you that are fellow alphas there are entrepreneurs business people professionals you will find what Tom had to say quite interesting we've got a great conversation as always I extend to you my long ash leap day greetings and salutations a long ash snappy salute semper dilatation always pleasure even in the midst of quite the crazy week make America great again make masculinity great again keep America great screw the enemies of pleasure screw the nanny state as always it is your global five star general and alpha male and she from command center out for now we're going to do something a little bit different because we're gonna get to Tom Golisano the bottom of the hour long conversation with him that I know you will enjoy and I do want to get to what president trump had to say in the corona virus in some very important things that we as Americans need to be straight up about regarding China so before we do that what's changed the pace a little bit showing let's conduct a national with an online petition sure supply place your sticks available for the general to enjoy it's time for national cigar like hello I'm Johnny Cash and the reason I'm doing my Johnny Cash impression and playing Johnny Cash ring of fire is because months ago today has Johnny Cash whoops.

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