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Later today to investigate, but either way, I think will be on the drier side, at least initially, but by Sunday and Monday are rain chance going back. Up again as the storm will be well north of us and awakening but pulling in moisture back behind. It will keep an eye on early next week's rain pattern. The extended five day forecast four times an hour. I'm Tom Terror, right, Tom right now, Lake Nona. I'm looking at 74 is now 75 Orlando. Severe Weather Station. Safe Touch Security trip will deem traffic at Torrance. What's going on on I four That scene slowdowns on I 40 westbound now begin approaching Lake Mary Boulevard going to get cleared. Once you get closer to the long would rest area after that, slowing down again westbound from Maitland Boulevard to Lee Road and then from par Street to Colonial drive. Traffic is going to be Stop and go in spots. He also got delays on the eastbound side from 27 to 5 30 to 1 92 to 5 36 and then a little bit at 5 35 as well. More delays eastbound from Conroy to O B T and from Keighley to Colonial drive slowdowns on the four way westbound begin just after Golden Rod Road all the way towards I four also got on the exit ramp to Rosalind. The right lane is blocking of police activity in that area. This traffic report is brought to you by Palm Beach Atlantic University, call 844 PBA Orlando to get an organizational leadership, community psychology or ministry degree through Palm Beach Atlantic University, Orlando educating the Orlando area for over 20 years. With traffic alerts every six minutes in the morning. We're helping you get to work on time from the Wdbo Triple team Traffic Center. I'm ed Torrents certainly do not need to tell you that we are living in interesting times. And if you are working your way towards your retirement, you may have seen a hiccup or two.

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