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The findings were published in the journal Gemma network open Wednesday's time eight forty nine governor Cuomo once the New York presidential primary moved up next year when you are at April twenty eight on the presidential primary you're sort of in no man's land no persons land because the year after super Tuesday so are you really impactful as in state he made his comments on WAMC radio in Albany he says he's also looking for lawmakers to combine the federal and state primaries into one election day the NYPD has unveiled a new Manhattan special victims facility NYPD's been overhauling the way it deals with victims of sex crimes not only policy but location in the past a survivor may be interviewed at and investigators workstation that's deputy chief to did Harrison who says special victims offices now have clean quiet rooms that ensure privacy and comfort there are soft colors in lighting even toys for children Liz Roberts of safe horizon says the environment is important the client centered approach that has been taken in designing the space we know will make a huge difference for survivors and advocates will be on hand to help survivors navigate the legal agency and sell to our process Juliet Papa ten ten wins at police headquarters which needs time eight fifty. way Allen says he doesn't regret calling himself the poster boy for the media movement I've worked with them employed women in the top capacities in every capacity for years we've always paid them exactly the equal of man I've done everything that you know that to me to move in would love would love to achieve with everybody made his new comments to France twenty four and says he couldn't care less about fallout from allegations of sexual abuse which he denies he says the accusations made by his estranged adopted daughter Dylan Farrow are not affecting his work we have a winner for New York state's new license plate it includes images of Niagara Falls the statue of liberty and the New York City skyline more than three hundred and twenty five thousand new Yorkers voted online to pick the plate which will begin rolling out in April you can see the design attention when stock com wants needs time a fifty one.

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