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Myself a dark night I've blocked out per. Personal time to help co workers with onerous or overwhelming tests once at a summer camp, I help sharpen three hundred pencils. I ran errands for people with my free time. What I didn't do was stand around and criticize offer solutions, and then call that helping these problems erupt in marriage as well as the workplace in marriage. You're stuck with your white Knight for a while, even if you opt for divorce so you have to talk through effective ways to divide responsibilities at work, not so much. You have options you can pick and choose who work with most of the time so pick the dark Knight's leave the white nights alone. Ask for fairness not help you might wind up in a situation where you're doing an unfair amount of work in that case don't ask for help. When you do that. It's a bat signal for. White nights. You might be sending the wrong message that you're incompetent or that. You can't handle your normal job responsibilities. You're also creating a situation where people might think you owe them. Gratitude it's fine to express gratitude, but not simply to please someone else, especially if they didn't earn it. Instead talk to your boss and coworkers about workload distribution make a list of all the stuff you're doing show it to them. Let them see that. You don't simply need help you need others to take over. So these responsibilities on a permanent basis that way, you're shifting more than responsibility. You're also making people accountable white nights may not like that. But screw them if they're not actually taking on more work there. Help doesn't mean much defined boundaries. Don't let people feel like heroes for simply pulling their weight. Trust me. Some people spend all night waiting by the bat phone hoping for it to ring. Let them thanks so much for listening. If you enjoyed the story, let me know and share it with your friends. Follow me at Kris K, K aria on Twitter or Kris K Kepler on Facebook. Or check out my website, WWW dot Chris Kepler dot com.

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