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Nearby hotel to keep the press away from the group throughout the duration of the tour. The band also used some of their new money to buy a six seater plane. That was flown by dayton. Stratton an old friend to leave on from arkansas. Who was involved in the club scene there and was brought on to be a pilot and do security for the six heaters how they arrived to their first show in the cold and very wintery chicago on january third nineteen seventy four chicago. Stadium sat eighteen hundred people and we've jam packed with first show. As leave on remembered the stage set was a jumble of amps and old furniture. A rolltop desk carpet. Bunk beds tiffany lamps. That looked like some old klondike prospectors camp dylan took the stage. I that night and like a wave. The crowd stood up and cheered. The first song dylan played that night was heroes blues and unreleased tune that he recorded all the way back in nineteen. Sixty two bandon dylan. Were like a baseball in love. It works so well. In a live environment they worked through joint settlers after which included a rendition of lay lady. Lay a new tune on a night like this from planet waves and the band favorites including stage fright in the night. They drove wolves. dixie down. The sound was dynamic with dylan adding extra guitar and the rhythm slot you also had dylan staples like it ain't me babe leopard skin pillbox hat and a spectacular rendition of share. Your love with richard on lead vocal giving the performance of his lifetime and bob outings harmonica playing. The audience was in euphoria in the group. Gave them all on the watchtower. An unreleased band cut endless highway with richard manual lead vocal and the ballad of a thin man with garth elevating with. This mysterious irony was definitely in play here given that this was the same group that was booed less than ten years prior playing the same song together on the two or nineteen sixty six. The first evening this tour was electric. The group came off the stage electrified and excited but exhausted leave on remembers his hand shaking as he lit a cigarette. Richard also happy. He'd come out of particularly dark period which you questioned everything and had almost given up as leave on remembers. I looked at richard. Come out of a dark period and we were all worried about him. His shoulder length hair was wet but he smiled and gave me a look. That said everything was going to work. However it wasn't the end of the evening and dylan went back out and give the audience a solar set of numbers including the times. They are a changing a song from what he and it's all right ma which was particularly well received with the line. Sometimes the president of the united states must stand naked as nixon and watergate refresh on the minds of americans a tough act to follow. The band took the stage next and without a set list. They called it on the fly as records show. They did life as a carnival. Very raunchy rendition of the shape. I'm in a beautiful take on when you awake. Leave on then added rag mama. Rag on finally came back out in the group did forever young and like a rolling stone with encores of the weight and a lengthy five minute. Take on most likely. You go your way and i'll go mine. And that was the show a marvelous spectacle of two groups of performance. Giving it their all and going through their catalog of songs. This set going forward was much of the same with tweaks to the lengthened arrangement. when needed. The tour continued on this time to philadelphia a multi show stint chicago. They played at the spectrum in philly over the course a few nights before making their way north to canada for a short stint at the maple leaf gardens in toronto on january ninth and tenth homecoming for the band when they rolled into town seeing all their friends and family and falling toronto. The band went up to montreal before heading south down the east coast making stops in boston maryland. North carolina and florida one city of no was there show in atlanta georgia during the parties. That took place. Otis reddings former manager phil. Walden attended the show and brought along his friendship. Carter the son of georgia governor jimmy carter. This is prior to carter going on to become the eventual president united states. The governor had invited dylan and the band back to the governor's mansion and they made a real southern family gathering out of it. According to leave on. I got to meet the governor. And he gave us a tour of the mansion. But the part that richard and i liked best was when roslin made us breakfast bob dylan sat down with us and i think he enjoyed a good southern breakfast with the carter as much as any of us dealing in the band weren't alone there. Either gregg allman and buddy miles were also president of the party and my parents taking parts rather elicit extracurriculars phil walton had been apparently talking to robbie but the tremendous loss of otis redding. It was still fresh bandits in multiple. Otis redding concerts when they were still with the hawks and robertson had proclaimed at the time that he was the most talented singer of all time according to robertson. Wold said here's something i bet. You didn't dwayne allman told me that you were favorite guitar player. After your first couple records came out back in nineteen seventy he with the planet waves to were being success in everything being wrapped up robertson went into capitol records to receive a painting. Edward casper had done for them. All the way back on moondog matinee now according to robertson it was a personal gift of his quote vision and that he had only lent it to capitol. Records in artie mogul upon inquiry into the painting. Mobile had said that someone else from coppola taking it claiming it was. There's now upon further investigation. It was apparently an executive name rupert. Perry who had taken it and he had gone back to england taking the painting with them. Robertson called perry up requesting the painting but he rejected but robertson wasn't going to relent so he tried to hatch a plan to get it back. I had bob kato who had worked with the ban on various covers. Write a letter to request the painting. The letter was met with no response next. Robertson went to casper artists. Who actually made the painting and requested that he writer again. No response perry still had hold of painting. And as robbie said perry ended up sending the painting england like a thief in the night. I was never able to retrieve it to this day. We still do not know where that painting is. Now outside of los angeles also wrapping up to her homeless supposed to go back to arkansas. Handle some business. But as it says. In his autobiography in a sense of foreboding something bad was going to happen. Doesn't set of flying with his friend dayton stratton. You headed back home to malibu later. Stratton who had stopped over in texas and was making the final stretched. Arkansas hit a storm as he was playing defense film. The lightning was heavy and hitler tale. The planes smashing it to bits stratton stood no chance. He couldn't control the plane in an attempt to safely land. It hit down sharp-angle and was dead on impact upon hearing the news. Leave on in. The band were crushed. Dane had been a friend and leave would have likely of suffered the same fate if he had followed his original plan. Luckily leave on had escaped the grasp of death from a plane crash like so many other musicians that had succumbed. Not long. After the tour dylan the band put their sights on putting together a live album. The ad recorded shows of the course of the entire tour and the group went into the studio with producer per bony. Who had record the show to sort through all the mixes. It was established that overall to los angeles mixes where the best for brownie not. Jeffrey began to mix the album. One particular point of interest as when they were beginning to sort through the tracks. There were subtleties of the songs performed. Live and dylan often change lyrics for example like knocking on heaven's door punk completing half a dozen mixes and dylan. The songs are hot and by hot dishonor. Heavy rock and roll and bob had good chessel about this but he was ultimately distracted. Didn't matter what was going on with. The album dylan had second thoughts on signing a record deal with asylum which made this whole two or possible to begin with and moreover she was worried about working with david geffen now that put the band in a tough position. It was already agreed that live album would be put out by asylum in a deal with capitol had been made for the band's cooperation personally robbie who was also blow. He had grown close to geffen often. Taking part in his extreme luxury and dylan was stubborn and didn't really give salt reason as to why he didn't feel comfortable working. Geffen it's not really overly surprising dylan. Valued authenticity in geffen was anything but died in mean-spirited guy. And something like that. You could surmise. That dylan really didn't jibe with the rest of the band didn't really care as much as robertson. They didn't care if the record released on asylum colombia or any other label for that matter. I meeting was called between all parties. Not long after dylan and his team geffen and the ban and they all met rick's house to hash out a solution. It was awkward. And according to robbie when david braun dylan's lawyers suggested that he bob in the band would go into the next room and decide yes or no whether or not the live album would go to asylum. Robbie was of the opinion that they owed the album together since they said they would and they gave him his word and leave on didn't agree with that because he never gave his word which was true by day rubbing his rick wants to go which whatever was best in terms of a deal. And dylan's lawyers. Said they should go get a better deal. With columbia and dylan had pretty much made up his mind about asylum. It wasn't going to work. Robertson was upset. His friend geffen was about to lose. That you protested. But richard wasn't having it he questioned robertson's loyalties in the end. They took a vote. Six votes no and robertson abstained pun. Hearing the news geffen walked out according to robertson. Geffen called him later angry accusing him of being a snake and double crossing him thus geffen showed his true colors. Maybe he wasn't a good friend after all before. The flood was released. June twentieth nineteen seventy four on asylum records. While geffen didn't get the multi year. Dylan deal that. He had hoped. He ended up with the album after all in the form of the flood critic. Robert crystal reviewed the album and said without qualification. This is the craziest and strongest rock and roll record ever recorded. All analog live albums fall flat. Tom nolan for rolling. Stone was a little bit more. Lukewarm saying dylan's principal solutions to sing an aggressive uptempo fashioned. Barring voltage from bands rock backing to substitute for the hungry power. That both he and the ban about growing more often than singer in the band. Displaying unseemly awkwardness and billboards. Review was a little bit more complimentary saying this is not the with the raspy voice from nineteen sixty four but a full of voice singer with one of the tightest bands in the world. Behind him and bill shapiro in his retrospective review suggested that before the flood was kick ass alive effort on which dylan applaud his revisionist approach to old materials effectively. Trashing prior meetings moments and the ban. Wales like cheese and mr tambourine man. Whips on the new mask for his seventies audience to contemplate with the ban dylan to are in. The books banned decided to take on a few gigs at summer but robertson and his family also wearing -ticipant in the birth of their third child and first boy sebastian robertson. Sebastian was born on july eighteenth. Nineteen seventy four and santa monica and it was their first child not born in canada as robertson said when sebastian was born holding. Sebastian was different from holding the girls when he stretched or pushed. You you could feel strength is little. Noggin was tough to and with the birth of the new child came a new home. Something larger in the area of malibu colony home which was once owned by carole king shelley winters and lee marvin. Dominique was also insistent on a french speaking nanny. Which was brought in to help dylan often stop by and love the french being spoken around the house along with robbie us canadian actor. Donald sutherland's french teacher to help learn the language and with everyone settling in a lot more in los angeles. The guys were looking for an upgrade on the idea that they once had with big pink a place where they could hang out right record songs was their idea if they could recreate what had worked so well for them in upstate new york maybe just maybe they could also recreate that success in los angeles their search led them to a strange ranch off the pacific coast highway across from zuma beach in nineteen fifty eight mexican. American actress margot bought a one point. Seven three acre property in the hills above zuma a ranch house was built in. The site was named shangri la. The name came from margot who had started in the film. Adaptation of james hilton's nineteen thirty three classic lost horizon where the fabled paradise shangri la originated leader on in the fifties the property was used as an upscale bordello or brothel being a filming location for the television program. Mr ed the band loved the idea of having a clubhouse again and was such a prime location and a unique history. The band began leasing the property. The first thing they did was transformed the master bedroom into a recording studio led by audio engineer. And longtime ban collaborator rob for brownies. As well as an inhouse technician at anderson the band also extended a hand to bob dylan. Who helped with the precise specs wanted for the studio. However the band kept a lot of the original aspects of the delo including the original bar in the bedrooms with myard walls. It was truly meant to be a place for the ban not only to record but socialized jam with other artists leave on stated shangrila la was a clubhouse and a studio where we in our friends could record albums cross pollinate with others music. They decided to also keep the name. Shangri la rather than rename it because it was a fabled paradise and after spending so much time in upstate. New york during the cold long winters los angeles was a paradise but the end of nineteen seventy four. The study was built. And larry samuels was brought on to be the studio manager. Similar to their time in woodstock danko robertson. Hudson lived in the nearby clubhouse leave on Between woodstock in los angeles having a room at the shaneco when he was in town and richard lived on location for over a year and a bungalow on the property closer to the beach. Manual inhabited the stable. Bamboo harvester for the mr ed show and it was transformed into his own. Space with such a great location was only a matter of time before for brownie and others bought the property outright for almost two hundred thousand dollars and turn the place into a commercial studio equipped with state of the art. Twenty four track equipment as well as the best and latest synthesizers as well which allowed garth to extrapolate his capabilities. After coming off the tour with bob and establishing themselves further in los angeles the ban went back on tour for much of nineteen. Seventy four elliot. Roberts was in charge putting the two together. Had met geffen at william morris agency and it helped him establish asylum. Records also managed joni mitchell. Neil young crosby stills and nash. The tour began in july of seventy four and was set to conclude in september. But all of this touring was beginning to where the band thin old problems began to creep up once more. Richard was becoming less reliant. He slipped further back into alcohol. Drug use it was affecting. His performance has robertson notes in his biography. He tried to not let it affect his performance but he was often complaining about losing his voice feeling sick. We grew more worried. This all came to a head. In cleveland ohio. The ban was playing the world series of rock a multiday event at the cleveland stadium with an audience of over eight thousand people. The band shared the bill. With crosby stills nash young tanna and jesse colin young richard had reached the point which he couldn't finish the show. And you're the end. He collapsed on stage and had to be taken away by paramedics. According to robertson leave on had had enough and yelled at richard as he was being dragged away. Get up and walk like a man now. The whole band was fed up. But it was really shocking. Leon had reached this point. It was a raw moment nonetheless. The doctors had informed the group that richard was so run down from his alcohol and drug abuse that he needed several weeks to cover. The ban was nothing with richard so it decided that they would cancel a few of their tour dates. And you know this didn't really help. Richard's case that he'd become quite close to eric clapton at this point clapton always a massive fan of the band began hanging around with the group a lot more when they moved to los angeles spending time at shangri la and spending a lotta time with manual the connected in the way both burden heavily by their alcohol addiction that was further supplemented with the cocaine clapton. Later said there was something of a holy madman about. Richard and i was madly in love at the time we had the same troubles. I felt insecure and he was clearly insecure yet..

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