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With the Dow, the s&p, NASDAQ all venting equities halting a two day slide. Treasuries rose, as investors assessed the likelihood for interest rate cuts oil rallied on escalating. Middle East tensions. West Texas intermediate crude up by two point one percent today to fifty three twenty two a barrel. Brent up two point three percent to sixty one thirty three a barrel. Import prices are down the latest data, pointing to tame inflation, and with that story. Here's Bloomberg's Vinny Del Jude is it's evidence. The strong dollar is keeping import costs in check offsetting any impact from tariffs. The import price index dropped point three percent in may. The first decline since December. The retreat was across the board from petroleum to auto parts that figures mirror, this week's data on consumer prices beneath out, you Bloomberg radio thirty seconds, yield two point zero nine percent. Gold up six tenths of one percent, thirteen forty two the ounce, west Texas intermediate crude up two point one percent fifty two twenty two barrel. Recapping the equity numbers SNP up eleven of four tenths of one percent. The Dow up one hundred one four tents and NASDAQ up forty four a gain of six tenths of one percent. I'm Charlie pelletan. That is. Bloomberg business flash. All right, Charlie. Thank you so much predate. That update you are listening to Bloomberg BusinessWeek. We are live at bien y Mellon Pershing insight conference in Phoenix. And this is Bloomberg radio. All right. So we are looking at broadcom earnings, they are disciplining investors to save release cutting their full year revenue.

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