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Jacksonville jaguars came old so close to season to go to reaching super bowl sunday mike dirac more complete understanding of the offense under coordinator nathaniel hackett confidence within the system within myself and knowing it and then with the guys around me known better as well and no one you know everybody's going to be on the same page and then the spot they're supposed to be you know but i think there's a good job of of you know making sure we all play within the system bortles increased level of confidence is evident on the field his passes were more crisp he was more accurate and won't player told me that bortles is so much more confident now that he's attempting throws that he wouldn't have tried in years past this doesn't mean bortles going to be an mvp candidate but it has excited a franchise that was just ten minutes away from their first super bowl yes they were so close as i mentioned the team they beat to get the foxborough the steelers jeremy fowler provides this steelers report with the focus on the rookie signal caller mason rudolph the final moments of steelers many camp belong to mason rudolph the rookie quarterback ended practices within fishing no huddle drive in a touchdown pass over the middle thanks in part to his observations of ben rothlisberger earlier in the week she's been being here a couple of days in a row and seeing his operation the offense his knowledge of situations and giving guys reminders hey situation get the first down you get out of that will run the play will kill the clock or hey get out of bounds rudolph told me he'll spend the summer trying to close the gap that all rookies face which means quote blowing up the cell phones of offensive coaches with questions the summer is short rudolph said.

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