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And blake how chris manson the director of golf there and a former basketball professional and member of canada's national basketball team. I believe he's on vacation this week but when he gets back and he's told us this in the past. hoops fans out there. Who won't stories about the old days playing against the likes of charles. Barkley karl malone scottie. Pippen chris manson had to check scottie. Pippen international maskell and. There's a great clip of him. Going right around pippen to the whole in portland for hoop and harm. He's happy to share those sorts of stories. It's too bad that he played in the pre youtube era. Where you know well. There are some old clips. I know but still no hours of funky freezes blow it up frame it forum to bed what you got on hashtags buddy nice one here at las verdes las verdes one of these support groups in an austin for the mls. Okay enough is enough and attached statement at tonight's game against the vancouver whitecaps we invite all at austin. Fc fans to join the support dissection in a statement of solitary solidarity against the racially motivated violence experienced by the whitecaps youth academy this week during the canadian national anthem. Hold your phone light up to show. The racism has no place in soccer fantastic core. Soccer's had quite a battle with racism particularly over the years. Yes yes this is at cody stephen. Hagan he covers the detroit tigers for the athletic jack. Morris has been suspended indefinitely from tigers broadcasts. And there's a statement from bali sports. Who is the home broadcaster. The former world series hero with three teams tigers twins and bluejays used in asian accents when describing. What the tigers should do with otani at the plate last night the great japanese star of the los angeles angle angels Let's just put it this way blake is. I heard this when i was on the baseball. Beat about jack morris. The player and i heard this. When jack had a brief bid was sports that commentating on blue jays games doing some studio work. Jack morris is an asshole long long long known. Yeah big time rep there. That's the last public statement. The jack morris ever makes probably for the better. I don't again we're gonna miss him not in the least at w. h. hockey breaking news. The two thousand twenty one women's world will begin without spectators the wounds world's about to get underway. I mean matter moments. Really i in calgary and this was postponed event from april of course due to the pandemic and they were hoping that they would play in front of fans by virtue of this postponement but with cases escalating everywhere. They've decided to Ensure as much as they can right now that they will indeed present medals at the end of this event and for the preliminary round at least no spectators in calgary at the winds really too bad really is too bad at rob. The hockey guy. He's got a nose for that big story the sports editor at the daily hive. He noticed that the red dot com hockey thread had put together. I mean i don't know who has the time to do it but ennis any shell arenas.

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