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I think you want anybody on the road, do you? Maybe that's just me. All right. Let's hear from Dan Quinn spoke earlier today. To the media. Ah, this should be good. Here's day. I'm talking about Raheem Morris taking responsibility for not accounting for the Seahawks passing game. I would say, I think you know he's a little bit looking in hindsight, knowing that been such an effective running team for so long. I think what he's referring to, you know, really coming in with the mob set, they gotta stop running. No matter what. And so when they threw it as well, You want to adjust quickly as you can got a, uh You know, playbook full complement of defense is what you choose to feature in a game. You know that kind of goes all train. Can't this for this this for this? You don't use the whole playbook in every game, So I think probably what he's getting into this. You know some additional books that they have passed. Okay, This goes back, though. Dan Toe. What the lead Now we're talking about No. Football is gonna have adjustments throughout the game that you're gonna have to make. It's by the way, it's not just that The Falcons didn't account for the passing game, okay? They also didn't account for Jamal Adams and never adjusted to that. So you never adjusted to Jamal Adams. You never adjusted to a quarterback completing 88% of his passes. This goes back to everything that I always say about Ban and this team. It's all a bunch of gobbledygook. You know all this goddess. I got us a two touchdown Los at home to start this season off with miss me with their 25 points. They were down 38 to 18 in the fourth quarter. Miss me with all that other stuff that happened. I don't give a damn about 450 passengers. Christ, you're down three touchdowns. You better hook it all over the field, and you got all those guys. You damn sure better be putting up stats. They've gotta put appoints. You better put up stats. But this is what it's all about. Well, you know, we just okay. But you never figured it out and we lost by two touchdowns on her home field open the year. And that's why folks are mad. Like Jeez, Come on, man. Just coach up. Here's the ad talking about being ready for the defence of line of Dallas. I think you haven't into Dallas. They've added some players, You know, obviously, you know, it's already a good group. You know Lawrence from a pass rusher, but adding Griffin and in Alden Smith, who really after a good long layoff, really came out strong and looked like he was really fit and ready to go. So let's say the challenges. You know the unique skill set of of all three of those guys. I was pleased to see the improvement. You know an offensive line, certainly in the protection side, But I think that probably goes along, you know, Take it a step further was, you know the one year development with Chris and with Caleb in all the playing time together all the practice time together. Their communication. Watch this done Look for this thing. So those are things that you just keep hoping to see improved, but those two are taking that year once a year to jump. All right. So two things about the offensive line One is we know that Jake Matthews has dinged up on banged up. I think he's going to play on Sunday, but he may be kind of dinged up. Banged up when it comes to all of that number two is I think you'll see Matt Hennessy in a little bit more at guard. I'm gonna be curious. The watch His snap count was about 16 snaps. I believe Out of 79 offensive plays that they ran. Let's see what his snap count is on Sunday. Uh, quickly here, let's get to damn talking about what he's learned by having Hayvenhurst on this team. Right. I had, uh, good inside or information just from his time in South Carolina, and it spoke to coast must champ about him and I was first impressions. How hard he's going Thought, man. This guy's totally going for it. Max it I thought The urgent player. What I probably didn't know was how fast he is. And so even from the time of Baltimore, there's you know we're doing our evaluation, part of the trade, a long touchdown run where you sell us be, but when you're around it every day, you feel how fast he is. So I would say that's One thing. Maybe I was pleased to see you wouldn't say I was like, surprise, and we could run well, but I think it was better than even I thought. Yeah, There's no doubt that He's got better speed and quickness. If you will, than what Austin that catch where he stretched out, Austin Hooper would never make that play. Would have never have made that play. Gotta use the more I think. I think he's a listen. Another guy this week we talked about Todd Gurley another guy this week without those linebackers. Here's a chance for him to get out in the middle of a field and make some plays for it. All right. Here's the and talking about getting more out of special teams, especially on returns. Yeah, it's a It's a difficult one. But you got good question. The kickoff return. Sometimes you get a chance, but sometimes you don't have him the ability to start at 25 kick that goes deep in the end zone. That's one. That's you know, certainly worth taking out 25 Noah's Faras. A touchback goes one that we think we can gain. Maybe some field position is if you're who has ability to drop the ball down. You know whether it's right at the goal line and cover if you can knock him back down inside the 20. Sorry. The proper term side goes. We do like Brandon's speed and quickness. He'd play slot receivers of those air. Good attributes for a cover. Turner Let me from wrong, Jarvis. You can fair catch a kick and taking it to 25 in today's NFL, right? That part of the rules. Yes, if you Yeah, If you think you if you're inside the 25, you can fair catch it And, you know, go to put 25. So So I mean, what difference does it make? If you so if you kick it, let's say to the two yard line. You can fair catch it at the two yard line again into 25. So where's there? An advantage. What? What? I understand what he is talking about. My thing is this You know, every yard that your return guy can get. Use, one less yard and first down that your offense has got to get And field position in the NFL does get to be a big thing, and, by the way, go look historically at field position and playoff teams. Seems that started the 30 yard line for playoff or sorry for field position tend to always be playoff teams. There is a correlation to your starting position and What the end result ends up being that was college, by the way, college dude that if 20 for you know, not not an NFL adjusting that's in college. That was the rule change. Okay, I knew was in college, but I want to know if I can visit the NFL so.

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