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When you have one or two bad days that that how does but at the end of the day you try to do things with professionalism and integrity but at the same time i in the feed acid if i always have to do what's right my play and i felt like you know aired needed change uh and you know obviously as we know all teams they're going to do what's best for organization and i get that and you know i have she row to say that would be the negative my about that i wish we're still them that's the best of luck in and look who knows things come back around rile summerlin of of free agency and things like that and so you know if you don't work on this claire maybe maybe it works from the next like i'm not oh it's business i'll take new this stuff personal and put england certain personal the me boroughs as so you're right teams have their planned in players nerves it didn't have their plan that sometimes those plans on the line and that's the business but i i that i feel like the but so situation was different because it wasn't just a divergence of plant it was the idea that they're gonna say disparaging things not only about bled but indirectly about you when they say oh he's got people in his corner the pill in his head with with things uh i mean to meet at that's the good goes back to my mom.

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