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Iheartradio, Fox Sports radio and f s one Jamie Maggio is joining me looks very christmassy. I wearing lavender. I do. Not look christmasy red sequence only work certain days of the year tonight. The busted out it looks fantastic. You calling. You look great to Colin whatever's, by the way, it's great to be here on a Monday. I hope all of you have done most of your traveling so far for the next couple of days. We appreciate you stopping by. You're sitting around with your family. It was a remarkable. Really Sunday and NFL season out. We do this every Monday throughout the course of the year. So for the people that would tune in today, and you don't normally watch the show is I have opinions over the course of a week. And then on Mondays the start of my second hour, I show you where I was right last week, and where I was wrong, and these are sort of macro things that I nailed or whiffed on, but we think it's a good opportunity to show you we make a lot of mistakes a lot of times. We're right. So here we go there Monday staple where Colin was right? We're calling was wrong where Colin was right. Our blazing five finish the year. Fifty eight percent. I will not be here on Friday. We pick the giants to lose close to the colts. We were right? We picked Green Bay to go on the road and win by over a field goal. And we pick Seattle beat Kansas City. We had a nother winning week three into it. My second best year ever slightly over fifty eight percent. I we hope you want some money. We maybe a Ford in an extra. A Christmas present for your cat. But we had a good year. We take it. Seriously. Thanks for supporting our blazing five another winning week where Colin was raw. I had said at the beginning of this year that p Carroll was starting to drive me crazy and was becoming Mike Tomlin where I thought too much emotion not enough discipline while I'm wrong, Seattle and Pete Carroll. He may be had his best year coaching. It's not as best team. They're buttoned up they have an identity their offense perfectly complements their defense. I think they're over achieving Pete Carroll solve this offensive line mass in one year. He made very good off season hires Seattle, really and Pete Carroll is leading this deserve a ton of credit. I still think they're roster by and large is Doug Baldwin. Russell Wilson Bobby Wagner it and just a bunch of dudes, but they are winning close games. And they looked exceptionally. Welcome. Coached where Colin was right? We warn the New York Giants. We said be very careful about paying ode L Beckham junior a ton number one. He's fragile number two can be disruptive. Number three. His great games. Don't equal wins. What do you know, he missed three games this year and is best? Sick sundays. They went one and five. Listen, I said this about JJ watt for years some players are great individual talents. But they don't necessarily elevate the unit, and I feel sometimes ally manning glommed onto Odell Beckham because he feels he has to get him involved. I felt this for years with Dez Bryant of the Cowboys. I think right now the New York Giants need of draft another quarterback. And if they could move on Odell and get better offense, lineman long-term for sake. One barkley. I think that's the better move. Now. I will say this his Nike commercial owed ELS Nike. Maybe the best commercial on the market right now. He does that in one handed catches as well as anybody on the planet where Colin was raw. I said Lamar Jackson should be a second round pick maybe top in the third. He should sit for year develop them and kind of reboot the offensive personnel. I watched live Saturday. Totally composed threw for more yards than Philip rivers. Made the throw the game to another rookie. I was really taken back. And by the way, Baltimore's coaches are credit to they're not asking him to throw thirty five times. He is not a gifted pocket thrower at this point. But his composure on the road against a really good pass rush and a really good defense was notable. And again, I said he's got some Tibo qualities..

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