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About fifty one of three seven K. T. R. C. will be right back we'll be coming right back to the Richard each show voice of Santa Fe here on JT RC Santa fe's news talk later Danny mass run is conducted by middle and high school students of Santa Fe prep students efforts have amassed an endowment of over three hundred thousand dollars at the Santa Fe community foundation a student committee makes all decisions for use of proceeds and planning the run we are currently supporting to Santa Fe families of children with cancer if you would like to support this year's fortieth annual run on Friday April third twenty twenty four if you know a child with cancer in the Santa Fe area in need please email DMR as of press dot org hi this is Pat a Rhonda from Rhonda's plumbing heating and supply my family has been serving Santa Fe since nineteen forty seven for over seventy years we have been specializing in sales service design and installation for all of your plumbing and heating needs hi this is Tricia days early the general manager whether you are a professional or a do it yourselfer our supply house has over twenty thousand parts in stock to help you solve your plumbing and heating needs our staff has the experience to help me find rare replacement parts you can't get anywhere else so the next time you need parts for your project shop local our team can help solve your problem with stellar customer service visit us at the corner of Hickok's and Cortez street or if you're in need of a professional repair calls to schedule an appointment with one of our expert technicians five oh five ninety three seven three nine one four find us at a run the plumbing online dot com Hey Santa Fe have you heard about fetch fetch delivery is a flexible app that will pick up and deliver anything to your home office fetch your lunch groceries pet supplies hardware keeping your prescriptions all in one order with the ordering lunch for yourself or a group of leaders Fetchit what's that your favorite restaurant doesn't deliver go anywhere that you are you in urgent need of double strength laundry detergent double a batteries even a double espresso fetch all of it here's the thing matter how complicated your order such will pick up your items from fourteen the stops that is fast flexible and fine get creative and let's get it from you now featuring reduced or no service a hundred local businesses pets dot com slash center down with stock com sizing final five go fix this final five go fetch French Richard show voice of Santa Fe on the R. C. a strong leader four four four six what to reconquer show six o'clock till eight o'clock rainy road show tonight I'll be back.

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