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They all play exactly how they need to play to win. So I think that there's a lot still developing. We're pretty lucky that in Canada and USB get to play best on best all the time. And I think if we do get a pro league here, it'll attract a lot of those players from other countries that will then help develop them and be able to then bring that back to their countries and it's going to level up the playing field a lot. But I mean, I can't believe in 2022 we're even talking about taking women's hockey out of the Olympics because the game has come so far. And it's only the beginning for our game. It's only going to keep improving when women don't have to have jobs and play at the same time when they can just focus solely on training, like the guys get to do. The level is just going to take off. As a player, do you get to round table with people and maybe power positions about your ideas and the other girl's ideas in order to how to grow the game? Yeah, for sure. Obviously with the PWA, it's a Players Association. So kind of putting on the table while each of us think we need to be at our best and to be able to play in a pro league and then it's finding the funding and the sponsors. And just keep showcasing our sport. You know, we had the dream gap tour, where we got to go around to a lot of different places. And just show our sport and see all the little fans in the stands and even their parents and everyone cheering. I think it just shows that there is a market for this game and people do want to watch it and we just need to get, you know, whether it's on TV, we need to be on TV, we need to get the sponsors we need to get following. And people just need to know where we're playing other than every four years. People watch us, obviously they want to see us in the Olympics. But I mean, people too want to watch Mary Philly play all four years along. So it's about, you know, making sure they know where we're playing and how to find us. Yeah, Jeff Merrick mentioned him and Elliott do the 32 thoughts podcast how he was thinking it'd be a great idea to get some sort of like a Netflix documentary following a bunch of you girls throw to season. And I was listening. It's a pretty good idea. I don't know if he's chatted with it with other people, but that would be cool to just see what goes into it and how much preparation and how professional you guys are in a sense of like people don't know, they just see every four years, but to get to see the day today, I think it could be huge. I mean, I think I agree too. I don't know how that would happen, but our team also has some pretty good personalities that I think just like letting the fans meet the players, right? Like normally we're behind these cages. No one really gets to see us, gets to meet us. So having that and them getting to meet all the different characters we have on our team, like I always say like what made this team so special is that everyone was different and that they embraced all the differences and we had a blast because everyone was just wild. So I think that it would be really cool for the world to meet the girls on the team and get to see their personalities and what makes them tick and how they are on a day to day. I always like to ask, who was the court jester in the locker room? Let's say when things were maybe a little bit chill. Somebody would come in and crack a joke or I mean, maybe not in the ladies case, like rip a big fart or whatever it may be. Well, that one didn't happen. Oh boy. We had a lot. We had a lot of good. I mean, I'm a multi. She's a young one. She's just a little firecracker who's always dancing. But soupy, she's our third goalie, so she didn't dress a lot of the games. She is like, she would come up with songs for us. She'd be singing class, like, I mean, she brought energy and was always so positive and just like a light every time she walked in the room. You also mentioned about like getting more in the spotlight and being on TV more. Obviously, you're not shy of that type of stuff. You mentioned the battle of blades and you're also on the amazing race. I don't know if it was the North American one or just the catalog one. So you've done a massive amount of stuff just away from the rink. Yeah, I mean, I like challenges, I guess, something new. And I just kind of go for it. I mean, I think our goal going on amazing race was like, don't get kicked off first. And we ended up making it to the finals. We came second, but we made it there. We ran the whole race. We had a blast doing it. I skydived, which I never thought I would skydive, like puked in the plane, and I puked in the air, and I puked on the ground, but I did it. If you watch it back, like my guy is wearing a full ski helmet and everyone else dies just like wearing a little hat because I was like, buddy, you have to lean to the left because I'm probably gonna shoot on the right. It was not great. That episode, but that was episode one, and it was, you know, great after that. And then bow the blades, I mean, I got to skate with an amazing skater who, you know, Olympian Andrew poge and definitely not a little bit nervous 'cause I'm much bigger than figure skaters, like probably double the size of figure skaters, but we did it. We danced. I was thinking we would just be doing spirit fingers the whole time, but we didn't. We actually did some lifts and some choreography and had a blast. Were you somebody who ever figure skated growing up or was that your first time in battle of the blades? That was my first time with the children. So how crazy is it? Sell a lot. It's crazy. It's crazy. You can not go, you can not lean forward. Like half the time I was skating too, they're like, I don't know how you're not face planning. I'm like, this is how I would like skate. But yeah, I face planted a lot. Probably the first like two weeks of skating. I was just like bruised all up and down my arms, my whole knees were bruised. It was just, it was not good, but we did it. We did it. Luckily I didn't toe pick in a performance. Who was your partner again in the amazing race? Was it Megan Mickelson? Yeah, Megan Mickelson. And she's a flame with her brother, Brendan. Yeah. Yeah, great guy. So she's a former player. She had a tough injury and wasn't able to end up cracking the lineup. This time, but she's done a wonderful, wonderful job transitioning into broadcasting. Now, like what were some of the wild stories along the way through this amazing race? What's the day to today like on a competition like that?.

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