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Cincinnati. News, traffic and weather. News Radio seven hundred w ELL Cincinnati. Worried about students safety with the ten o'clock report. Rick chino in a statement released this morning, the principal at Covington Catholic high school says they decided to close down for the day for security reasons threats have been pouring in after videos at the March for life rally of Washington went viral over the weekend. Those videos show a confrontation involving Cup cat students. And African American hate group and native American protesters many clips appear to show the Cup. Cath boys, mocking and chanting at activists. Nathan Phillips says he banged his drum Philip spoke to ABC news and late some of the blame on the adults who were with the cat kids for not stepping in to deescalate the situation. Chaperones why did they allowed us to build up over two or three hours to a point where it was just? No, adult supervision. No law enforcement just to hateful groups coming at each other Philip says he tried to keep the situation from getting out of hand by continuing with his song, drumming and prayer native. American groups are planning to protest peacefully today outside of the diocese of Covington. Meanwhile, the incident in Washington is now being in dependent Louis investigated and the school district is promising appropriate action will be taken the Kenton county. Prosecutor will join Willie at twelve thirty this afternoon to discuss all of the threats that are being made against Cup Kath.

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