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I'm pretty sure that you know don't let this get back injury because you would not be happy nobody cares he's one of our house prolific listeners so i can't promise me every week so i'll just okay so this was the thing this was the big show and i was like i'm not missing this that's how i found myself shivering on the grounds of a long walk in front of windsor castle i think you earned every single penny that that trip caused seriously so okay so the wedding as we all know by now is on saturday what did you do prior to your overnight camping session on a patch of grass basically i want it around their yard that's what i did because i love palace right that was a cool non creepy thing but i did totally had like knockoff royal wedding cake in the cafe nights actually gift shop it was delicious oh i was kind of skeptical about the royal wedding cake after being million disaster of and i was like i don't know maybe it'll taste like so it does not taste like so it's delicious f a four different knockoff varieties of let me on what was it what was the cake like what i don't what was their wedding cake lemon elder flower love an elder flower you know apparently make a lot more sugar in their icing than they do in american cakes now who during the reign of buttercream ryan everyone of them is fallacious which is neither here nor there actually went to the bakery that officially made the cake hoping that they have like real knockoffs they didn't have any cake wet since oh i got quiche a salad and i was so happy when i got selling it could've literally burst into tears that's all i know.

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