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Blues trail by a goal. Here comes Schwartz across the Boston line. Why it fires? It goes. Why along the near side kept alive Shan behind the net? Now, Tarasenko the far corner out at comes to Garson daughter, sit across the for transit transit all holds moves it into the slot. Tarasenko of the shop at kicked out by Rask. Blue's keep it alive for Transvaal log shop through a street, but other safe by Rask. He hasn't faced many over the last two periods, but two big ones there. And now the puck comes out of this with three minutes. Remaining Bom Easter quickly Hippocratic, they try and catch the Bruins out of change. But karnal gets back and he plays the puck for Boston in behind the net for crew, and now the Bruins move it through the neutral zone with a three two lead knocked out at the live by bowl. Miester now into play it as Perico along with crashing. They battled near corner, maroon wives at around comes the crew at the left point in behind the net Maruta over for the blues now Bom Easter back up the right side two and a half remaining. Three to Boston with the league rolling it on ramps wolves it up the right side, O'Reilly over for the blues now, maroon of the corner, maroon since one through the creeks comes out to the point four Morocco men out to Bom Easter straightaway wrist shot missiles that. The right in behind the net O'Reilly and call on the puck winds up in the Nettie with two thirteen remaining. Buried three stay with us for the NFC. You post game report. We'll recap all the highlights..

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