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Issues on I 25 listen three minutes 7 39 WSB temperature's 74 The largest early voting precinct in the country opens next month in Atlantic Walton County. Its board of elections in the Hawks ownership announced the partnership to include state for Marina as an early voting site in election Central for the August runoff in November election are 700,000 square foot building. Will allow for CDC requirements, including social distancing, will also feature the top technology and the N Bihac CEO Steve Koonin says it was possible with the embassies and not starting until December. Sandra Parish 95.5 WSB Georgia Supreme Court rules A judge can sentence the juvenile to life in prison without parole rather than leaving the decision up to a jury. WSB senior legal analyst Ron Carlson says it's the Senate's on ly given an extreme cases, murder must be found to be Quote irreparably corrupt before he can be given life without parole. The US Supreme Court previously banned execution of miners ruling their brains have not fully developed. Atlanta's CNN Center is going up for sale and email to staffers, Warner Media talks about the continuing need to transform its organization and find efficiencies. There's no specific mention of layoffs just that some employees would be relocated to the Tech would campus in Midtown. Downtown Atlanta has seen a great investment and is quickly becoming an entertainment destination, says the email that CNN center is of great value to 1/3 party that specializes in such developments. Still, it says the move does not suggest water media is less committed to Atlanta. Chris Camp, 95.5. It's a big win for the future plans for the Gulch, the state Supreme Court rules sales tax can be used to repay more than a $1,000,000,000 in bonds to finance the project next to Mercedes Benz Stadium. City of Atlanta. In a private developer want issue enterprise zone bonds, build hotels, shops and offices in the area. Opponents argue money meant for entities like schools and police. Should not go to a private company. WSB news time. 7.

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