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NewsRadio nine fifty, good evening Sunshine of, pleasantly warm tomorrow will be cloudy up, on Friday it looks like. Wet weather for. The weekend the complete AccuWeather forecast coming. Up meteorologist. Dave Bowers in the city it's fair seventy seven degrees WBZ news time is seven oh five developing news tonight investigation underway. In walled lake man's body is found floating, in the, water. Vet these John Hewitt is there he joins us live and local with lettuce good evening John hi Ross investigators say they believe they know who this individual is the exact cause of death as far, as what led him to be in the water and the circumstances surrounding that still in question here's a Oakland County sheriff Mike Bouchard who arrived. On scene, roughly thirty minutes ago. How that person got into the water and under what circumstances That's why there's a bit. Of a delay we're bringing in our special investigation unit and our divers and a few other things to do what complete investigation of the situation we have in front of us to try to determine those answers. There, are reports that there, was a, missing persons report filed Ross a couple of days ago whether. This is that individual the sheriff's department and, others are not saying at this time, but it's a possibility from. What we've been. Told again they believe they know who. This individual. Is described by the sheriff as a younger male the body was discovered by a boater around three forty five this afternoon. Here on walled lake and members of the, walled lake, police. And fire along with Oakland county's dive team and the sheriff remain here along east lake drive continuing to assess this scene reporting live and local John Hewitt WWE j. NewsRadio nine fifty an arraignment today, for the friend of a Detroit mother whose daughter drowned after, falling through a hole in a bedroom floor prosecutors say eleven month old committed.

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