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Word to describe these current relationship that i have with my car mental or frankly any of the mentors that i've had over the course of my life but i do believe that as you grow involve this essentially different mental qualities and attributes become important depending on what stage of your life you're at that usually means that you need a different person to fill that mental role so it's kind of half to identify any one person that is being that big influence on my life the reality is i think there's four professional mentos in life intels really that have guided me and got me to the point where i am today all right that's great so what was your most difficult or your worst business decision well that's another interesting question trent i guess the most difficult and ultimately what turned out the probably be the best decision that i've made was to demoted a senior manager in my division at the sydney two thousand olympics now this is a guy that was twenty years my senior he was a former olympian himself he had lots and lots of political connections thought with just a few months to go before we went into games time i knew that he wouldn't be able to get his job done bring in someone new at such a late stage of course was going to be pretty risky but i figured that finally was pretty much guaranteed if i didn't make the change so there was a risk if i bought someone else in that they would fail but i just felt if i kept going with this guy that finally was pretty much assured now as it turned out i was able to find elissa role for him in the village so he was still part of his home olympics which i think is a really important thing because you know working at his home olympics meant the world and if if he had not been able to be part of that it would have absolutely crushed the guy oh and incidentally the guy that i board in did a fantastic job and it was very very tough decision at the time because again this was a guy that was he was an olympian he was part of our national team once upon a time and this was his home olympics it's the dream of.

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