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Was pretty good. And then i didn't really notice him after one so to the regular point unfairness like really noticed quiz team drills either after but i mean yeah i mean. Those routes were pretty sick Dusted mills you said. The jc jackson one was dislike really broke If jackson was lost like you didn't know was just you just got stock and So that was pretty awesome to see. yeah Wide receivers as a whole definitely the big theme of this practice. I know you let your nuts with albie leading my notes of that too once. I put them up Really just any. No part of that is the atmosphere to it was in a red zone so like a lot of people are catching touchdowns and stuff and there's a lot of throwing not as much running So yes good day for the receivers as a whole Except for one to me. And i guess we might get into that leader Quizzes your observation right so we can go to my next. My next thing would be Bounceback day for atari jackson who i gave an l. Vp point on. What what are you looking at. You're looking at a guy at my door like get. Gt f- oh. I've had so many. He i don't know he's he's soliciting something. I've had those so many people coming coming up. I don't i. Can't i can't i can't talk right now. Indicating to percents that he's doing something. He's recording podcast. That's a good excuse by the way get someone a solicitor out. Sorry the jury now. I'm doing a part. There's certainly people covered up to my door these days. It's crazy like i didn't want that before. Cova didn't want during code. I certainly don't want it. Now get the hell off my property. I actually ordered on amazon. A no soliciting side. Because it's been it's been rampant here and hasn't gotten here so i'm looking forward to putting that up when it gets here. Get off jimmy's law. Literally and for your time sorry. Sorry to interrupt you or distracted with my. It's a of. Hey look like very not happy up to tyree jackson back today at a really good catch in the endzone that you and i saw like a really close. We were standing right behind where he got a pass from mcmullan's who actually floated up to him and he made a big leaping cat sydney state of bounds and atlas awesome. And i told you. I was going to make this play the day although spoiler alert. I'm not because obviously rigorous catches better. But as love when he caught that touchdown. And then i kinda rub it in the the patriots races a little bit. He gave a nice spike so like aggressive. I felt like a and a really thinking picture of them. Okay but didn't you love that. The gronk spike from good height and distance on that spike which You might have that from him. Because he's a former quarterback he's got a good arm. Spiked it towards the patriots sideline right by the in that direction. So i like that emphasis on taunting by the way in the nfl. I did that would be a penalty. Probably oh yeah. I mean i might be penalty before exp- aggressive but i like to see that He did have a calculator in practice where he couldn't say imbalance but i still thought it was really impressive that he caught the ball that has learned pretty high and he landed straight on this back. It wasn't like it's not like he didn't get feed into to- jaguar. He couldn't have just the way his body took him and everything was just kind of unfortunate But so a pretty impressive play and then he got up. Afterwards he had the wind knocked out of him seemingly I don't think he returned. Maybe did return to practice a little bit later on i don't remember. I didn't seem back He may have. I just didn't. I didn't notice him after that point. I don't think you went inside though. I think he stayed. I don't think you want to the trainers tune. The you to stay out there. So that's a positive. Scientists seem like you know seriously jacked up or anything but But yeah that was good on that. Play like I'll note that you and our standing next to each other for that play and The the passes coming like directly at us. It made our standing in the back of the end zone and as the ball was approaching. You know we're standing like what like eight yards. I'd say behind the end zone by the back of the endzone. Like i thought i was. I was in my mind. I'm going okay. Do i try to make a play on this ball myself if it gets through and and i actually thought it was going to sail over like a is going to sail over my head Expect tyree jackson to get up there to even make make make the catch on that on that throw and he got up high and he high pointed it and like you said he came down but he landed out of bounds but Very impressive play from him just to go up and get that ball. Even though he couldn't stay inbounds. I totally agree. Like didn't count still a pretty impressive as he like. We mentioned i think on the podcast yesterday like he had a little bit of a down day. As i can't probably i would say yeah the nice bounce back day today after. He had a couple of drops yesterday. Good to see that too especially almost not that you ever want to see a player struggle in a vacuum but you almost wanna see in theory like how player responds struggling do they let it spiral Snowball or do they come back the next day and kind of put it behind him so credit to him. He did that What's your next thing. I think the I'll just stay with the tight ends. Because i think just generally speaking They had a very active day. Like they didn't have the highlight reel catches that Some of the receivers had but Got it made a ton of catches. Earth has his fair share of catches as well Real quick i also note Devante smith of course who He played today like he practiced in team. Jobs didn't get targeted. I don't think at all if he did. I missed by the yeah. He had one route where he shook again. Jc jackson had a rough day. But he shuck jesse jackson again. Slant and got wide open. Bawden goes way Because also smoked whoever was covering him and They're both wide open. And the ball. Just went to earth for touchdown Instead of a a county smith. So you know again dealing really targeted. We didn't see much at a him but it was good to see him. You know run a really nice. Clean route Against jesse jackson. But that was one of the catches that are it's made a like i said he and godard and tyree jackson were heavily involved today and i think that's kind of been a theme of camp early especially the last few days. Is that the tight ends have been really really heavily involved in You know you had put together thing. I think on how often hurts. Tight ends Both of the last year when he played and then also in his career both at alabama in the home of course at alabama in oklahoma he always had star wide receivers to throw tokia so mixture density though. Yeah no though. Jay howard irv smith yes so there were some guys but yeah but Yeah so he has looked to the tight ends quite a bit and then of course flacco like his best friend. This camp has been tyree jackson so yeah just just worth noting. I think that At the tight ends have been heavily involved in in these practices. So far i would. I would imagine that will probably continue into the regular season Devante he did not do one on one which is a little interesting hopefully again. I'm not like why. Would you play.

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