Kelly, President Trump, Glenn discussed on The Daily - Tuesday, August 1, 2017


He does but it also indicates to you the way that things get done in this white house it is a chaos and catastrophe oriented organization so things have to get bad before they'll get better and a lot of people in the west wing think that kelly might be the best chance the president has turned things around so we may be seeing this this lurching stumbling movement towards something that approaches stability that's at least the hope of the people who work for the pro glenn finally do you predict that sean spicer comes back now the man who left because scare mature came into see make a triumphant return nobody had a better week than sean spicer he not only did he get out of a situation that seemed to a lot of us to be untenable he is now represented by bob burnett one of the powerbrokers in washington dc get her of big book advanced get her a big book advances not only that but the guy he warned the president not to hire scaramucci lasts eleven days he so the question is does sean spicer somebody who has both unofficially for a tolerating a lot of pain but somebody you'll love the spotlight does he decided to stick around or does he continue with his plan to to get out of there i think he's my sense is at spicer uh will be getting out of there being taking his time is going to be there for another couple of weeks right it's like right to tell all or rejoin the team what would you do.

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