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I think that's a mistake, but I also think there's something more subtle than just a strictly literal. This is what happened historically, I think there's something subtle in there that we don't exactly understand just yet. I think Joseph Smith had spiritual experience and through that consciousness that was filtered through that particular mind and that part of the world and so forth. He wanted to share a message of how people can live joyful live, and I've tasted of that joy and Mormonism and have a real profound respect for it. The the my understanding again, based on some reporting, but not a ton of reporting in Mormon communities that actually, that the level of orthodoxy was very high that your basic that if you, I was always an impression that there wasn't a huge gradation where you had people like in the Catholic church, you know, whole wings of the Catholic church with it whole huge swats of the population that view it all sort of metaphorically. But I. In the Mormon church. It was really about like if you're in, you're in it, you, you believe you believe it, you know, chapter in verse, I think that's true. And Mormonism is a young religion relatively speaking one hundred eighty, some odd years. Almost one hundred ninety years old them not going to do the math right here on the spot, but it's young compared to let said, you know Judaism, there's a real. There's a real Stu boiling back home, not just in Salt Lake City throughout the world and the church, but it's concentrated in Salt Lake. And I think people are starting to reckon with what you're pointing to that traditionally has been monolithic. And now in a postmodern world, people have very different experiences of Mormonism. There are different ways to Mormon as we say back home, and I think our tradition is starting to grow into a fuller maturity that can see that and respect and celebrate and the church. Churches. Okay. With at the church hierarchy. Okay. With us, I think the church hierarchy, my experience of the hierarchy is that they're away clergy right of the people who serve in the Mormon church. They're kind of called out of their communities and neighborhoods to serve the church and their people like you and I who want people to live spiritually satisfied lives..

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