Gabriella Kiera, Johnson, President Trump discussed on Secure Freedom Radio


Of the city's population distresses homes and businesses went up in flames santa rosa resident gabriella kiera says the fire wiped out her entire neighborhood this is awful it's horrible then it's not just us it's everybody's you now like if you look around the whole neighborhood everybody's houses caught because the housing crunch gripping the san francisco bay area survivors of the fire dealing with a different kind of crisis they have nowhere to go the end of alesi pius elected an insider to be its new presidency yellow dare johnson says his goal as president will be to have the end of lay cpb in alignment with its members on national issues but we are stronger advocate and to ensure that the voice of the local unit represent quell car have a great of woori important file johnson says the end of alesi p has been conducting a listening to around the country they want to be able to have a shawls report more collaborative boys around most appropriate policy state public policy and on the national about uh and as a result of that uh we have to decide if true uh uh step forwards make sure that we have proper alignment alignment with all of operation falcon governor chris christie is endorsed the bid had the state's biggest city to win amazon's competition per second headquarters in a statement christie says his steel would amount to one of the most successful endeavours in the history of new jersey and amazon jalazon which is dais in seattle is set at second headquarters would bring fifty thousand jobs along with it christie previously estimated the second headquarters could generate up to nine billion dollars in economic activity that's corresponded jeremy else reporting more these stories at town hall dot com have you rack tap more than ten thousand dollars in credit card debt are you barely getting by making minimum payments you should now the credit card.

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