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One point five A. M. fourteen hundred the patriot on open on Friday I'd like you professionals excuse me I'm having trouble controlling my microphone which is running off there we got it back the professionals at Marvel mitigation services want you to know that they will do everything they can to help you in case you suffer a disaster at your home or business hello my allies talk about disasters I don't you don't and you certainly don't like to think is I don't about one happening to you at your home or place of business and many of you will never have that problem but some of you unfortunately I'm included in that mix some of you some of us may experience at and if it does happen will be so glad that we know about Marvel mitigation services because they know the disasters are tricky disasters are subtle sometimes not so much in their happening to you but in what happens after they happen because many people in my opinion mistakenly try to clean up after a disaster themselves and the weird thing about disasters is you don't do it right they.

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