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Why on your natural talent on the things that make you great but it's important to step back and say what would i do if i didn't have that what's my rest russell westbrook you know and what would i do if i didn't have russell yeah let's let's let's see how we can apply that because today we're gonna talk about schooling and education and careers college we introduce tk well we we probably should so you all know that we don't do interviews so that's not we're here to do today but occasionally bring friends on we have a new friend with us today to help us from questions the some folks have we have tk coleman in the building ladies and gentlemen tk coleman tika you are the education director at a company called practice a company that you founded can you talk a little bit about what you do at practice what your company does absolutely so practices a career launched program where we help aspiring professionals establish the foundation upon which they can build their careers and we orient educ around their goals one of the analogies i like to use his i like to say we're fitness trainers for people's career when you go to the gym your fitness trainer doesn't tell you all right i want you to run around that track or i want you to lift some weights your fitness trainer starts with you your fitness trainer says why are you here and maybe your reason is you've got a wedding coming up and you wanna fit into that suit and look nice maybe a reason is there's a marathon coming up and i want to succeed in that marathon you get to establish what the goal is and then what the fitness trainer does is they help create a set of experiences that show you how to use the tools in a way that helps you get where you want to be so every jim has all of this equipment but each person who comes to the gym use that equipment in a customize way in a way that caters to what it is they're trying to seek after so my philosophy of education as essentially this education doesn't begin with some elitist bureaucrats.

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