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Just a couple minutes left here our number one of co now on a monday. Thanks for being with us. I'm tanner went live from the auto collision special studios. Get a chance to get another whole review done over the last week on friday we went and visited the greeley pizza company The whole review features brady whole obviously with the whole show if you can get that. By the name and chad young owner the tavern at saint michel square with his expertise on. How restaurant should be run and And and certain recipes It was pretty cool talking with bill over at the gpc An he was talking about chat a little bit. And he's like there are number of restaurants still here in town that have his recipe book still with his name on it and they still use it. I mean chad is a mastermind with recipes. No wonder you'll find anything and everything on the menu just delicious at the tavern. Say michael square. I'm going out there wednesday for meeting. It's my go-to spot And i hope you make it yours here soon and i also hope you check out the whole review. It's on facebook. You can also find the link to it on thirty. Ten cave dot com. They let me in front of the camera. This time see. I been behind. I was trying my best. Martin scorsese impression behind the camera. Apparently they thought it was more like a. You know like matt damon type of guy. I think doesn't. Can't you see that i could see that. Yeah i can see like you. Matt damon brady has that sean mcvay kinda look to and john vais. That's a good comparison actually never gotten that before. I haven't heard that. But i also don't think about that stuff a whole lot. I just know. I see sean mcvay. Anima kinda looks like brady. Who does that leave. Chad chad i dunno. Well enough okay you. We'll we'll get back to you on that then. We'll have to get you to know chat a little bit here. And then he's he's the quite strong type It it's it was a lot of fun. So check that out again on facebook the whole review and let us know way for right or wrong on it. It was pretty good experience out there. Our number two coming up We've got a lot more to get into here in some national news headlines. We'll get back to my thoughts on larimer county saying even if your staff is vaccinated even if you're crying vaccination to show to your restaurant still got to put the masks on will discuss all that and much much more coming up our to coming your way of noko now in just a couple of moments. Don't turn that dial..

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