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The same time the other leader of the group. James Reid was suffering far worse. He became almost completely snow blind one day into the blizzard. The party were effectively stuck and almost completely out of food on March seventh. The snowfall stopped read having recovered covered. Most of his site proposed. They forage forward but the party had suffered immensely over the three days during the chaos of the storm storm. Elizabeth Graves starved to death. Never learning that her children. Maryanne and Sarah were waiting for her on the other side of the mountains she was joined in death by two five year olds her son Franklin Graves Junior and Isaac Donner the son none of Jacob and Elizabeth Donner out of options Reed and mccutchen abandoned everyone who was too weak to go on the only survivors who could join them were reads to young children the Group of four had to continue on they didn't WanNa give up and starve arve when they could bring more supplies back the whole that they left the brains and graves in would later be known as starved served Camp Patrick Breen watched them. Go praying that another rescue party would pass them soon. He huddled with his family with with no food save for the three bodies of their friends lying on the outside of the snow pit as has read left the eleven survivors in the mountains. Tamsin Donner received terrifying news backed by Alder Creek Elizabeth Donner had died. I two days earlier in two of the men who had agreed to look after her family. Charles Stone and Charles Katie were planning on heading back west on on their own fearing they would be abandoned. Tamsin promised to pay the men to take her three remaining daughters over the mountains. The the men agreed taking the six year old Francis four year old Georgia and three-year-old away with them however by the time they reached the lake camp. They realized they could not carry the three children through such thick snow so they deposited the donner girls in the Murphy earthy cabin. There were four living individuals in the Murphy Cabin at the time Levine Murphy her eight year old son Simon her one one year old grandson George foster and the increasingly wild Lewis Keys Berg despite reads attempt to nurse him back to health <music> keys Berg had grown distant after being abandoned by his wife and surviving daughter sometime after March eighth keys Berg took the child titled George Foster into bed with him extensively to keep the child warm the next morning George was dead Lavina in a Murphy accused keys Berg of killing the Child Keys Berg did not respond to these accusations but merely laid the baby's body not on the floor of the cabin and returned to bed sometime later the donner girls saw keys burke walk over to George Foster's body <music> pick him up and hang on a peg like a cut of meat back at starved Camp Camp Patrick Breen had given up all hope lying at the bottom of the hole in the ground staring up into space his wife Margaret kept their children alive on pitifully small doses of T. heated over the fire and Sweden's with the one lump of sugar she had have left but this barely took the edge off the ravenous hunger consuming the eleven survivors one night. She woke Patrick in a panic saying that her baby was dying. Patrick Breen replied. Let Him die. He will be better off than any of us. Shortly after Charles Stone and Charles Katie passed by on their way back from the lake camp seeing the three bodies in the snow. Oh they looked into the whole making eye contact with the emaciated survivors and soldiered on unable to help at some point went after they left desperate for any kind of sustenance. Mary Donner suggested that they start eating the dead days later on the afternoon of March twelfth. The third relief arrived at starved camp. This party was led by William Eddie and William Foster to surviving men of the forlorn hope they were both motivated by the same urge back to find their youngest sons what they found at starved camp was horrific by the whole in the snow was the butchered body of Elizabeth Graves and a pile of child sized bones that had once been Franklin Graves Junior. The third relief were faced with a problem Mary Donner and the graves children were strong enough to continue with the Breen's. Were too weak to make get through the mountains without help carrying them. The whole way back would mean splitting their party up leaving only a few to go ahead to the lake camp. They took a vote on whether to leave the brains behind all but one voted to leave the Breen's. The outlying vote was from a man named John Stark the next morning the party Split Eddie Foster and two others continued going East you want another two men took Mary Donner and the infant Elizabeth Graves John Stark took charge of the remaining graves children and all the breen's the children took turns writing on his back on March Thirteenth William Eddie and William Foster arrived arrived at truckee lake several weeks after they had left it they made for the murphy cabin where Reid had told them their children lived their two sons. Were nowhere to be seen. They only found Levine Murphy her son. The three youngest donner girls and Louis Keys Berg Eddie Confronted Keys Berg demanding to know what became of their sons keys Berg told him the two boys had died and been eaten Eddie was infuriated. He almost killed keys. Berg on the spot. He stopped stopped himself reasoning that he would not kill a starved man on a rescue mission instead. He promised to kill him if they ever met again in California foster and eddy left the cabin where they encountered tamsin donner stumbling through the woods she had come from their camp looking for her children. Eddy in foster escorted her to the Murphy cabin allowing her a brief reunion with her three young girls. Tamsin was overjoyed. They were still alive and insisted they go with the rescue. Group uh-huh Eddy in foster attempted to persuade Thompson to come with him but Thompson insisted that she be allowed to take one last visit to the alder a creek camp to save George Donner was still alive. Eddy in foster could not wait their group left immediately leaving Tam Samson behind she began the arduous trudge back to Alder Creek where her husband still stubbornly clung to life by this point his arm was completely rotten with gangrene and he was barely conscious he to insisted tamsin go with the rescuers skewers but she would not let him die alone. Only four members of the Donner Party remained in the two camps George Donner remained in their tent by Alder Creek in a cabin by the lake one man and one woman remained remained who were too weak to travel the starved Levine Murphy and an increasingly desperate Louis Keys Berg when we return these four final members of the Donner Party reach a gruesome end now the conclusion solution to the story by mid March eighteen forty seven the horrors of the Donner party were almost just at an end three arduous rescue expeditions had attempted to bring the encamped survivors across the Sierra Nevada due to continuing continuing harsh weather and the bare minimum of supplies. Many of the survivors had died during transit and even more died by the lake while they're rescued family members were taken to safety by the time William Eddie and William Foster caught up with the remainder of the third relief leave. There were only a few stragglers left at the camp as far as they knew George and Tamsin Donner remained by Alder Creek and Lavina Murphy was living by Truckee Lake. With Louis Keys Berg Eddy in foster encountered a camp on the other side of the mountains accompany led by Salem Woodworth Eddie told Woodworth. There were four people who still needed to be rescued but the man refused is to go back for them. His priority was to transport those who had already been rescued to Johnson's ranch the first settlement on the west side out of the Sierra Nevada's when the survivors gathered at the ranch. They took stock of their situation. Most families were in tatters ragged and diminished incredibly both the Breen and the read families were completely intact though they still required weeks weeks to fully recover from their starved state the reeds were the only members of the party who had not cannibalized their fellow members to survive on April thirteenth a fourth and final relief. If party set out east toward Truckee Lake led by William Grow Fallon and experienced mountain man the only member of the Donner party to go back with them was William Foster who wanted to see if Levine Murphy his mother-in-law was still alive.

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