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Magically being parking spaces and bolts that stay on at sixty miles an hour but fall off when you come to a stop that to me feels like angels. Yeah Parking spot angel. His name is Walter. You're welcome I was GONNA ask if there are car angels. Well there's well Michael. SORTA considered to be the Archangel fixing things that are broken. No matter what they we are Yeah there's a parking space angel named Walter and it works every time crazy. He likes a little bit unnoticed. This okay just a little advance. Notice is nice but if you know you're going downtown and you know you're GonNa it's GonNa be hard to find a parking space try it. My husband has been this completely convinced on this point He's a hard sell okay but he is completely convinced about Walter. He has go to one of the really congested places where I live. He just says Walter. I need a parking space and boom parking space. Yep My hi. Dad is always said universe. I'm open to a parking spot any all. I like that. That's really good. I like that. I'm open to a parking but I like that but you know I think little things like that are part of the things that help us build our faith yes and faith is so paramount paramount and having magical life it's like critical and so if we can like tell the angels you know it might seem like a silly thing. It might seem named something that you know. Why with angels care if I got a parking space first of all the angels love you and they want you to be happy but also think about the power of that if I can say well to get me a parking space and drive where I wanna go where it's impossible to park and there's a space right there in front of the building where I want to be how much more angels helped me in my life right? skiving us a little little sample what they can help us with what they can do exactly. Yeah and then okay. Here's one I feel a little sheepish. Asking US totally. ooh Fine. If you say no okay what. You've done a lot of readings for people where you identify who their Guardian Angels are. If you don't WanNa do that again it's totally totally okay. But if you have a sense for who might angels are our love to hear so the first thing that came immediately was jeon. That's a pretty name. Yeah it's G.. She is a an an a they. They like spell it out for me Jeon and this this. It's a really strong presence. But it's it's very creative. I feel like she's The Guardian Angel that works with you with your dream. Were ooh yeah. She's like scrubbing for me. She's like she has a little bored and she's writing and it's it's like I see her like beside your bed at night writing things and if feels like she's what she's writing is. What's coming out of your dream life? And then the other name. That came came less exotic Matthew John and Matthew Matthew is feels more like the project were course part out of this so it's almost like you know how we were talking about rattling having one sit in the spiritual world and one set in the material world. It's almost like John. Is there with you for your. You're fit in the spiritual world and Matthew. Is there for you for your foot in the material world. Oh that's nice. Do you WANNA manifest something. Thank Matthews the dude. Massey's the man for manifesting. Yes exactly and John is more the partner with you with your intuitive work balanced masculine and Feminine Energies. Yeah now now. Here's the totally ridiculous or silly question but maybe not who knows when you said John and Matthew a silly part of me wanted to say well. Are there a couple. Oh no no no because you do that. Angels Do not do that because angels do not have Egos Angels Do not That's we flew. That's a whole story but you know we tend to we try to humanize God and we sometimes then therefore try to humanize angels angels. You are not human so you know it's a big joke and means and I it and it's funny with aimed with stone angel that's lying and face down and people saying this is what my Guardian Angel looks like right now or you know or someone saying I scared my Guardian Angel often. I literally early when I was last in California. Had A person that worked metaphysical bookstore. Tell me that does she had no guardian angels because she sent them away when she was twelve and they never came back. Oh no and that was like the saddest thing I think anyone's ever said to me Because hey it's completely false. You can't send them away. You can shackle them but you can't send them away. They aren't going to go anywhere. You can have that belief system. You can't make your angels mad. You can't disappoint your angels. You can't upset upset them. You can't frustrate them because that's all ego stuff right. That's all ego and they don't have one Yeah pure consciousness your love peer love. Oh I love that. And you have a free meditation on your website for how to get your Guardian Angels Angel's name I do. That's so great because I know people are going to be going. I want him to tell me my guardian angels name and it's not possible for you to sit sit there and talk to everybody but if they go to Radley Valentine Dot Com. They can find that meditation. Yeah and is you mentioned one of my passions is helping people understand the messages of their dreams and how they can help us fulfill our potential and live authentic lives. So I'm I'm curious if you've ever had any dreams that have helped you on your path with decisions creativity career relationships or even any funky weird or psychic dreams that you'd I like to share with us. I always pay attention to my dreams. My dreams tend to be like war and peace I type them out. And they're like five. I pages single spaced. Oh my kind of guy crazy very detailed just all over the place. My favorite the dream that I ever ever had in my entire life was a dream. Were Joshua presented himself and a dream to me and I was about twenty two or three and in the dream I was in a a shop. I don't know why North Carolina keeps coming up today. It was on the the Outer Banks of North Carolina. And I don't know if you've ever been in one of those shops where they're seashells everywhere. Who Yes yes yeah so bins shows and you know and you could get as many as you want it and stuff and I was in this shop and I was walking around and I was looking at shells and I turned around and there was Josh and we both just? It was like bumping accidentally gentlemanly into somebody. That was one of the people. That was dearest to you of your in your life that you hadn't seen in twenty years and we're both laughing and we're crying and we're hugging each other and I woke up and in that moment I knew. Wait a minute oh no actually I should say correctly at the end of the dream. Started to realize. Wait a minute. This is not the dream this is real and Josh wink to me and I woke up what was it they gave you that sense that it was different. From from a regular dreams that it was real it was just That sudden looseness that sudden awakeness that sudden sadden awareness. That Sam getting angel bumps even telling you about it and I never cease to not do that but it was just this sense of this is real. I'm really here you're really here. We're really in this energy. In this moment we are on the same plane rain for this brief few seconds. And it's it's my favorite experience I've ever had. Oh one of the distinguishing markers of psychic dream. Is that sense of realness for a lot of people. So that's really interesting. Thank you for sharing that with us. US sure. My dreams tend to be more metaphorical than prophetic. Sometimes they are prophetic. But they're almost always I metaphor oracle four pieces of information or that word again life lessons that I need to be working for right now Mhm I think that's what most of our dreams are. But we definitely have those other kinds of encounter dreams like you described and spiritual experiences Yup there's just so many ways dreams can happen and then I have some of your Angel Tarot cars in front of me and I don't know if you have any cards in front of you. I wouldn't be surprised either. One of US could draw one two three cards. And then you could do. Maybe like a little mini reading. Give them listeners. A little message for contemplation. Sure so you have angel trump cards in front of you. Yep so I'm going to grab a all of my ex- in front of me. I have a big thing about consistency because I'm reading decks and so my decks when I'm creating creating new ones. My old ones are always right there so that I make sure that I'm consistent so let's just real quick so what we're doing is we're asking huma angels. What do people need to know right now? Two wow wow okay so this. This is unusual so I pulled three cards. And they're all the same suit so I always pay attention to that and there the soon of Arielle all right which is the equivalent in in traditional Tarot coins or pentecostals and angel to row cards the suit of earth and so the first car is ace of Arielle so as of real literally says it's your Lucky Day. It is this car that talks about wonderful opportunities that are about to come into your life life and if that sounds awesome it gets better. The next card is page of Oreo and page of our. He'll actually for people who are listening to happen to have that deck. That's actually my niece. Who is our model for that particular card for the page of Oreo and this is a card that says okay okay? You've got this great opportunity that came from the ace but it is going to mean that you have to learn you have to do research you have to study. You have to find out the bits. There's some pieces of the puzzle that will help you to be able to manifest and Oh my goodness manifest you will do. Because the last card is his nine of Arielle wish comes true. Dreams fulfilled hard work that leads to great success. And and the beautiful magical things of life coming to you so this is definitely a reading for your listeners. Ars that twenty twenty is meant to be this year where they make their dreams come true in some form or fashion and their life. Who Ray yeah right and I also pulled one card from the Angel Tarot cards it was the three of earth which is the same suit? So that's also all about manifesting that's also about manifesting with other people full you know that whole teamwork thing but also creativity the power of creativity in that card. You've got a bunch of theories putting together around Mechanical Butterfly Yeah it's a really cool picture. Yeah Yeah Steve. Roberts was the artist for that blessing. He's in spirit now but he was is a joy to work with beautiful detailed imagery. I'M GONNA post a picture of this on. INSTAGRAM sounds great yeah. People can find that at the dream. Detective I don't know if you'd be willing to take a picture of those cards you pulled in send it to me. Then I'll post those to. Of course I will do that. Oh that'd be good Yay okay and then people can see the imagery that goes with the message absolutely and then you are coming to Seattle soon to teach angels and Auras with Dougal Frazier sure yeah. It's Friday February seventh. It's going to be an evening event and you guys are going to do audience readings and then Saturday Saturday. February eighth is the angels and Aura all day workshop from ten thirty to five thirty. Do you want to tell us anything about that. Oh well the first thing I want to tell you is that to go. Fraser is the bomb. I'm interviewing him next week. I Adore Dougal. I mean we uh-huh Dugo Frazier was an instantaneous friendship for me. I could see that we could just we just crossed each other's paths and our first conversation was an hour long. We couldn't shut up I Adore Him I. I adore his husband. He is wonderful and he is so incredibly gist so talented with working with people's or as and and working with color to help people heal to help people to manifest help people to understand what is going on in this moment and yet it's with all of that boy knows about color he had never heard before that angels come in colors Um So we were talking and this event. We've we've taught this before we thought it in Austin Texas and twenty nineteen But this event was a little collector was there's an old commercial for receives Peter Better Cups where two people slam into each other and one person says you've got chocolate on my peanut butter later in the other person's is you've got peanut butter on my chocolate. I remember that one. Well that's why this hasn't basically turned into it was like Oh my God awed. Here's the archangels. Here's your experience with color. And look how they beautifully intersects and so we will be talking to people people about how to manifest how to heal how to work not only with color and not only with her own whereas and not only with other people's wars but bringing the archangels into that as as well. That sounds like a really cool workshop. I actually originally thought it would be fun to have you both on the same time and it would just be such a fun. Fund conversation new laugh La and with with my setup. The editing would have been really difficult to have people on the same track which I only have two tracks unless your audience wants to listen to an hour of Radley and Dougal laughing probably I. We're probably better that you did not do that. That's what you would have gotten an hour of US laughing. That's kind of what I figured. and which would have been great great and fun but I also thought well why not do a whole episode with each because then you know I get to talk to each view and really hear each of your stories and yeah so either way. It's a good thing I do when I are great together but there's also times when we should be separated. I totally understand that. And I'm going to put a link in the show notes for this episode on the podcast page of the dream. DETECTIVE DOT COM so people can.

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