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We saw last year. You know you don't get a thousand yards from running back very often, so he's sees he's better. It's just you know this team could be really bad as well and you have new coach new coordinator new quarterbacks, which I don't think so bad thing. but McCaffrey has shown the ability to run through tackles. Run through run through. One of the middle. you know and I think that's been the knock on him. I I'm writing the story for our second edition. The magazine McCaffrey and You know we spoke to drum bettas McCaffrey himself Emmett Smith. You know, ask a lot of running backs. Creed, you know retired greats in current ones, and they all use glow about what McCaffrey does a player and I think the one thing that you know you go back to his. He told us on on CBS sports do that. He's an offensive weapon and That's kind of what he is. He's just not a traditional running back. You know his. His argument was. How many years how many receivers get a thousand yards you know in. That position I. Just think you build the offense around him He's still young, enough talented enough that he's one of those players at a at a position that you know the stars may be you know generating a little bit from where they were, but he's the one of the best of the best. He sure is a will be the consensus number one. If you don't take them number one. You are gutsy. Let's just say that well. In other formats not QBC reflects case for the quarterback daughter I certainly. Yeah and even even in non PR. It's going to be closer, but hundred catches saquon Barkley since the first I broke down his catches since the first eight games of his career first eight games of his career, he was. catch. One hundred something your son something. He was on face to basically break Matt Forte's record Chris McCaffrey's record. But then they had a bye in week nine, and then since then it's been a year and a half or Barclays been like a sixty to catch running back for sixteen games. That's kind of what I'm expecting and McCaffrey is going to have forty more catches in it, so just that's. So hard to ignore and is GONNA put a difference in their auction values for sure. Jamie, thank. You could stay Westerfield yeah. So I did a poll for our twitch draft for Tuesday night. Regular PTR draft. Regular Half Pr Jack. Super, flex or two QB. Voting I think I voted for half pr I believe is by that. VR IS GONNA win. One slightly regular PTR draft one slightly out of fourteen hundred votes thirty six point four percents. APR Four Point Seven Percent Traffic PR twenty point three percent for super flex and eight point seven percent for two QB now be combined to those. And you a super FLEX PR DRAFT! Could do that. That's fine or we can do. Super Flex non PBR. Draft are happy. Super Flex non PR half Oh. What do you want to do I'd like to do A. I think we should I think we should honor the the poll? Do PBR on the ball to regular guess so boring. Boring we do so many of those. Super Flex. Man Super Super Flex Pr. Pr Yeah. All right all right. That's Tuesday night Tuesday morning..

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